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How to Use the Space Under Your Stairs

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When thinking about the room and potential storage areas in your home, the space under your stairs is often overlooked. This hidden gem can quickly become a functional, practical and even creative nook that'll give you the gift of space.

Let's dive into a handful of innovative ways you may not have thought of and uncover some much-needed inspiration to get you started.


What is the space under stairs called?

The space under stairs is called a "spandrel" which simply translates to the triangular space underneath if there's not another flight of stairs immediately under this.

What can I do with the space under my stairs?

There are countless possibilities of what you can do with the space under your stairs, it's all about finding the best idea that works for you and your home. Could you do with a downstairs loo but don't think you have the space? Think again. A small cloakroom toilet could be conveniently installed in there, so you go from a wasted area to a much-needed facility. Be sure not to underestimate your under-stair space, often it's roomier than it looks.


With many of us finding ourselves now working from home, you may be struggling to find that designated space in your house that you can dedicate to work and shut the door to at the end of the day. Why not consider transforming the unused space under your stairs into a cosy home office? You'll find a desk, a pull-out chair and a desk light fit in perfectly. Plus, it'll certainly make a fantastic background for all of those video calls! Another way you could utilise this space is by converting it into a cubby play space or a toy storage cupboard. The perfect way to keep all your little ones' toys in one place, and you can easily close the door on them when they're not being played with.

Creative ways to use the space under the stairs

There are many creative ways to use the space under your stairs, these are just a few ideas to get you started. Firstly, you could expand your home storage by tucking in a gorgeous and purposeful cabinet under your stairs, or you could create a sliding drawer version perfectly fitted into the under-stair space you have. Both storage solutions would work seamlessly for a DIY cloakroom where you could store away your shoes and coats and make the most of your space. You could easily do this by adding in a rail across the top and installing some shoe storage boxes along the base. Another idea would be to create a place to read your book, such as a snug reading nook. By fitting in a plush bench across the longest point and filling it with cosy cushions and blankets, you certainly won't want to leave. Why not use the space to give your furry friends they're own room? This snug little area would make the perfect pet palace. Just pop their bed in there, their favourite toys and some of their essentials and it's the ideal place for them to rest their head.


What can I do with awkward under stairs space?

Sometimes you may be met with an awkward under stairs space that you may be struggling to fill in the best way. Whilst you may not have the room for a reading nook, another great idea for you bookworms would be to create a DIY bookshelf under here. You could even use the offcuts or flooring planks to create the varying length shelves that'll make for a snug fit. A fantastic way to utilise this area if you or anyone in your family loves to read.

Flooring in under stairs cupboard

If you are transforming under your stairs, you may be wondering what flooring would work best in such a small, versatile area. We've got the perfect solutions for you our luxury click vinyl is a great, multipurpose flooring option. Plus it is 100% waterproof and can be easily installed securely so you won't have to worry how you use your space. When it comes to choosing your under stair flooring, there are several things to consider. Is it easy to maintain? Does it look nice? Will I have many colour and pattern options? And the answer to all of these is yes if you opt for one of our attractive vinyl floors.


As you can now see, there are numerous ways to make your under stair space unique and your own. These are just a few of our ideas and we'd love to hear yours! Share your under stair makeovers with us on our social media and use #UKFlooringDirect for your chance to be featured in our next brochure.