Flooring advice

How to make the most of your flooring samples

How to Maintain

Samples are a fantastic tool to help you choose your new perfect floor. We offer extra-large samples in our entire range, so whether you're looking for a new real wood option in your dining room, or a water-resistant vinyl in your bathroom, you can get a real feel for your new floor before purchasing. Samples can help you decide whether the floor you're choosing is up to the task you want it for, making sure it looks great and will stand up to everyday tasks, while still looking its best.


Mix and match

When ordering some of our extra-large samples, don't be afraid to mix and match. Order both solid wood and other samples to compare how they'll feel in your bedroom. You can also easily get away with ordering something bold and brash, such as patterned sheet vinyl flooring. If you're nervous about installing something a little bit quirky, then don't worry, our samples are completely free, so you can get a feel for your new style before installing.

You can also order different colour boards of the same product, such as our Spectra Pecan Oak and Spectra Soft Oak to see how they could potentially look together. This is the perfect way to craft out your own unique design without breaking the bank to do so.


Different lighting

You'll want to try out your new samples in all kinds of lighting to make sure it will keep looking its best at any hour of the day and all year round. This will include checking it out in full sunlight, when it's a bit dull, and testing how they look in a range of lighting options.

Lighting can have a huge impact on how your floor looks, and something that looks bright and inviting in the light of day, you may decide doesn't have the same effect with your house lights on. As such you'll want to ensure you're happy with how your floor looks regardless of the room you put it in.


Put them through their paces

Flooring can go through a whole host of different trials throughout its life and you'll want to make sure it stands up to the everyday tasks you give it. When you receive your free samples, make sure you try and simulate as many situations as possible to ensure your floor is fit for your home. Walk muddy footprints across laminate to show how easy it is to clean to make sure it keeps its shape and brilliance.

You'll want to stress test your new samples to try and show how the flooring will last after a lifetime's worth of use. Put your samples through a checklist of tests and prove that it is your perfect new floor. You'll also want to make sure your floor is ideal for any furry friends you may have running around.


After you've chosen

Once you've chosen your new stylish floor for your home, you're still left with a handful of samples with no further use. The obvious option is to place them into your recycling, but you can also upcycle your samples to create something useful for your home.

You can create something stunning once your new floor is installed by upcycling your offcuts, but the same can be said for your samples. Be creative and craft something artistic, useful or eye-catching. 

 Sampling is by far one of the best options you have for choosing your new floor but do make sure you put it through a rigorous amount of testing to ensure you're choosing the right floor for you. If you haven't found "the one" in your first order, don't fret, you can simply order a new selection of samples to test out. Check out our full range of products and grab some free extra-large samples today.