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What’s The Best Flooring For Families?
September 1st, 2021

Picking out a new floor for your home means finding something that works for everyone, even more so for families with pets and kids. Everyone’s needs are different, but there is a floor out there to match whatever matters most:

Getting your family to agree on something is, as we all know, not an easy task. That’s why we’ve made this guide so you can see where in your home every floor is best suited and who in your household could get the most out of it, so you can find a floor that everyone can get on board with.

Solid wood

Best for – Teenagers, older families, rooms pets and school-age children will not use.

Not recommended for – Homes with school-age children, babies and toddlers, and pets as they can cause scratches.

Ideal roomsBedrooms, dining rooms, and hallways

Solid wood flooring has been a household favourite for decades thanks to its unique feel and character. With the proper care and maintenance, it can last to be enjoyed by the whole family for a long time to come. As a real wood floor, it should not go anywhere it could get frequently scratched, scuffed, or wetted and for the same reason should not be used around homes with pets.

Engineered wood

Best for – Older families, teenagers, and older pets (with lacquered finishes)

Not recommended for – Homes with school-age children, babies and toddlers, and pets (without lacquered finishes)

Ideal roomsBedrooms, living rooms, and hallways

Engineered wood flooring, like solid wood flooring, brings the coveted character of real wood into your home with the added benefits of easy installation options, greater stability, and finishes that add extra protection. The protection from spills offered by a lacquered finish makes this flooring a viable option for a family with pets provided you can stay on top with cleaning and maintaining this floor.


Best for – School-age children and teenagers, older or less active pets

Not recommended for – Homes with babies and toddlers, and active pets or those with joint difficulty

Ideal roomsBedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and hallways

Versatile and modern laminate offers an easy to care for and easy to install floor that can be enjoyed by almost all the family. A fuss-free floor like this is perfect for school-age children and pets to play on, though do not offer the type of comfort you may want for babies and toddlers. As with any hard flooring, pets that suffer from joint difficulty might have trouble manoeuvring on a floor such as this. If you have a young pet yet to be house-trained, then consider a water-resistant laminate such as Audacity or Aqualock for some added protection.

Luxury vinyl

Best for – Pets, especially young ones that are still being housetrained

Not recommended for – Older families, older pets and those with joint difficulty

Ideal roomsBathrooms, kitchens, and hallways

Luxury vinyl, especially rigid core, is the best flooring for a busy family thanks to its durable and easy-care nature. Whether click or glue down, it is also an excellent choice for homes filled with furry friends – easy to care for, 100% waterproof, and scratch resistant, meaning there’s little even the most terrible of terriers could do to damage this floor. Rigid core vinyl also makes it a great choice for conservatories, as it can withstand surface temperatures up to 60°C. As with any hard flooring, pets that suffer from joint difficulty might have trouble on this floor. If you have an older family you might prefer something that offers classic style and comfort over practicality.

Sheet vinyl

Best for – School-age children, toddlers, and babies, older pets

Not recommended for – Bathrooms that see a lot of splashing

Ideal roomsBathrooms, children’s bedrooms, nurseries, and playrooms

Sheet vinyl is a very safe flooring option for children - a great, affordable floor that’s ideal for growing families that need a space for little ones to play on. Water-resistant and easy to care for, this is a great fuss-free floor that also offers some comfort to cushion the bumps and scrapes that come with playtime, ideal for children’s bedrooms and playrooms. Because it is not completely waterproof it’s best not used in bathrooms if your little ones regularly turn them into a swimming pool.

Carpets (loop pile)

Best for – School-age children, especially in busy areas of the home

Not recommended for – Homes with pets, areas where comfort is a priority

Ideal roomsHallways and stairs

Loop carpets are a great choice for busy family homes – their construction makes them the most durable type of carpet, while also helping to hide dirt and saving you from fretting over every little wisp of dust drifting down. The downside is they are not suitable if you have any pets in the home as their claws can get caught in the loops, causing damage and worse breaking their claws - hurting them just as much as your floor.

Carpets (twist and saxony pile)

Best for – Pets(except very young ones), school-age children, and teenagers

Not recommended for – Homes with pets still being house-trained, rooms with a lot of chairs moving such as a home office

Ideal roomsBedrooms and living rooms

Carpets with a twist pile or saxony pile offer more comfort and make for the perfect pet friendly floor to boot. The far softer and more sumptuous saxony is an ideal pick for homes after added luxury, especially those with an older family and less mess to worry about. Twist carpets still pack in plenty of comfort and extra durability to boot, great for busy family living rooms. If you have very young children or pets still learning where the toilet is then you might want to consider an alternative to avoid them causing any damage.

Whatever troubles your family might come to face, you’ll find a floor to fit everybody’s needs. And you’ll find we have plenty of advice to help, from carpet hacks to common laminate questions making sure everyone gets the most out of your floor.