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How To Maintain Engineered Wood Flooring

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Engineered wood flooring is a popular choice in all homes, thanks to its solid wood appearance - which provides every plank with a unique character and enhanced performance. Known for its hard-wearing nature, engineered flooring is incredibly durable and less prone to shrinking and warping. Once it's installed, there are several steps you can take to keep your floor looking its best.

Read on for our expert guide on how to care for a lacquer finished or oil finished engineered wood floor.

How to keep your engineered wood flooring dry

While an engineered floor may be better equipped to cope with varying moisture levels than a solid floor, this doesn't mean it can be allowed to get soaking wet. When cleaning the floor try to keep water usage down to a minimum, so a mop should be slightly damp rather than dripping wet. Similarly, standing water should not be left on the surface for any prolonged period.

Is engineered wood flooring scratch resistant?

As with any wooden floor, there is the risk of unwanted scratches or dents. There are a few things you can do to minimise these, including placing furniture pads underneath heavy furniture, such as your dining table or sofas.

Also, dust can cause damage if it's allowed to build up, by inflicting minute scratches that build up damage over time. This should be swept, mopped or vacuumed up frequently and thoroughly. You can also limit the amount of dirt or grit getting on to the floor in the first instance with well-placed mats.

With any damage, or wear and tear, engineered floors can be sanded to remove any surface blemishes, such as scuffs or dents. However, as an engineered floor has only a veneer of real wood, this can only be done two or three times and retain the desired effect. Therefore, it's important to keep on top of your flooring maintenance to keep the surface free from any unwanted surface scratches, that occur especially in high traffic areas. Be sure to refinish with an appropriate protection layer (i.e. oil or lacquer), over a completely clean surface once complete.

Is engineered wood flooring stain resistant?

Spillages should be dealt with quickly for two reasons. If water is left sat on the surface it can cause the wood to expand whilst chemicals like ink or wine are more likely to leave a stain if they're left to dry.

If your floor has a lacquered finish, this will offer some protection against such staining. Some finishes harden over time, making them easier to clean and maintain, but be prepared to coat it with a new layer if this does wear off.

If you have a lacquered wood floor, we recommend that you use lacquer soap as soon as it is installed, as this will help it with the hardening process. Thereafter, wood cleaner and lacquer care can be used to help keep the floor in top condition.

If you're looking for a revitalising natural cleaner for your wooden floor, then look no further than our WOCA Oil Refreshing Soap. Specially formulated for regular cleaning and maintenance of natural and colour oiled wood floors, this soap ensures maximum dirt and water-resistance from day one.

If looked after properly, engineered wood flooring will stand the test of time and be a beautiful addition to your home for many years to come.

Easily maintain your new floor's fresh appearance by sweeping or vacuuming regularly. Check out our recommended after care range here.

Make sure to refer to your floor's specific Maintenance Guides which can be easily found and downloaded from the product page underneath the specifications!