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How To Maintain Solid Wood Flooring

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Keeping your solid wood floor in good condition requires regular maintenance. Having been a household favourite for decades, thanks to its unique feel and character, it's easy to see why it's a popular choice for homes.

Taking good care of your solid wood floors will extend their lifetime value. Read on for our expert guide on how to correctly care for your solid wood flooring over time.


Is solid wood flooring water-resistant?

Solid wood flooring can be resistant to small water spillages if they're immediately wiped away. If left on the surface for an extended period, water can become a threat to your solid wood floors as it can cause warping.

To prevent this, ensure you only use a slightly damp mop when mopping your floor. If you can, keep mopping to a minimum to reduce the risk of any water damage. Instead, regular sweeping with a soft-bristled broom is recommended to keep your solid wood floor free of dirt that can scratch or dullen if allowed to build up.


Is solid wood flooring scratch-resistant?

Unfortunately, solid wood flooring is not scratch-resistant. To minimise the risk of any unwanted surface markings, there are several steps you can take.

Scratches and marks from furniture legs are some of the main things to look out from when it comes to protecting your solid wood flooring. Fortunately, it is easy to guard against scuffs and scratches with felt furniture tips, these are available at most home improvement stores so you should be able to access these easily. These tips are attached to furniture with a built-in, non-damaging adhesive, and they work by cushioning the parts of the furniture that have direct contact with the floor.


Is solid wood flooring stain-resistant?

Solid wood can be stained by harsh liquids such as ink and wine. While dried stains may need sanding, a fresh spillage can be dealt with by quick cleaning. However, it is important that you do not clean a stain using too much water, as this can lead to the wood soaking up a lot of water and swelling. For the same reason, avoid allowing standing water to stay in place on the wood and always mop it up quickly.


Should I keep solid wood out of sunlight?

In short, yes you should keep your solid wood out the way of direct sunlight. Excessive sunlight can cause fading and discolouration, so care should be taken to make sure that no area of the wood floor receives too much direct sunlight where possible. Curtains and blinds are perhaps the most inexpensive way to minimise sun exposure, but UV coating for the windows is another possibility when it comes to protecting your floors from harsh sunlight.


Which cleaning products are safe to use with solid wood flooring?

For day-to-day cleaning of your solid wood floors, a regular dusting with a dry microfibre cloth or a dry microfibre mop will do the job. For more thorough cleaning sessions, a good vacuum will help pick up even the hard-to-see dust and debris that may be lurking. Once you've vacuumed, use a suitable floor mop (ideally only slightly damp) and cleaner for a fresh look.

The suitable products you can use will also depend on the finish of your solid wood flooring, for more information be sure to check out our Lacquered care guides.


What rooms are suitable for solid wood flooring?

As real wood requires regular TLC it's mainly recommended for use in your living room or on your stairway, however, it's not advised in rooms that are subject to inevitable spillages, such as your kitchen or bathroom.

Whilst it can take a little more looking after than other floor types, its undeniable natural beauty makes it all worthwhile. If you're looking for that special something, look no further than solid wood, as you'll be sure to make a statement with one of our floors.


Make sure to refer to your floor's specific Maintenance Guides which can be easily found and downloaded from the product page underneath the specifications!