The Education Centre: What is City Flooring?

When style and value are the order of the day, turn to City flooring and its contemporary creations.

City Central

Turn to the control and attention to detail of City Central to make the most of any space. Central delivers an intelligent and refined approach to wood with elegant multi-strip floors. The Central range has been selected within relation to its name.

Featuring European Engineered 3 Strip 14mm products, varying in finish and colour tone. The emphasis of Central is the compact and dense environment the name suggests. The 3 strip format aides in creating the illusion of space, perfectly suited to smaller areas.

City Metropolitan

City Metropolitan brings wood flooring to fill big spaces. Strong and in control, Metropolitan is wood flooring on a grand scale.

City Metropolitan relates to extending the available space with sophistication, utilizing appropriately with maximum aesthetic appeal. Featuring European Engineered Planks, 14mm Click installation and varied widths, finishes & styles, City Metroplitan floors are sure to make a big impact!

City Solid

City Solid floors display all the modern characteristics of the City brand on solid wood boards instead of engineered, making them perfect for a contemporary scheme that needs authentic, real wood floors to get the full effect.