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What Is Flooring Underlay
July 1st, 2020

Underlay is a barrier that sits beneath your flooring. There are several types of underlay and these can be used in different ways. Some make it easier to install your flooring, but all of them are primarily used to protect against environmental factors like moisture and temperature.

When choosing your new floor you should keep in mind that there are many products, including laminate and engineered floors, which require the use of underlay for a successful floating installation. Here at UK Flooring Direct there are a variety of different styles including rubber, foam and liquid underlay. Each product has its own unique attributes so you are sure to find something that is perfect for you.

Eliminating Uneven Subfloors

Uneven subfloor issues are responsible for many flooring problems. Fortunately there are several options to correct this. One option is to use an underlay designed to eliminate uneven subfloors and solve any problems without extra work.

Insulation with Built in Damp proof Membrane

When installing a new floor over a concrete subfloor it is recommended that you use a flooring underlay with a built in Damp Proof Membrane (DPM). This will give your floor an extra layer of protection against moisture. This helps to prevent potential damage, as too much moisture can make wood floors expand and buckle.

Underlay with thermal Insulation

Thermal insulation in your underlay is not just a matter of comfort, it can also save money by keeping the room warm and therefore lowering the cost of heating. All flooring underlay provides thermal insulation to some extent as an extra layer to your flooring; however you can find products specifically designed for thermal insulation that are far better equipped for this purpose.

Sound Reduction Underlay

Flooring underlay with sound reduction qualities prevents noise travelling to rooms below. This is ideal for homes with other residents living below as it allows for a greater degree of privacy and prevents disturbing neighbours. It is also popular in office blocks where a lot of noise from the floor above can be very distracting.

Use Underlay with Under Floor Heating

If the room you are installing your new floor in has under floor heating then it is essential that you choose underlay and flooring which is designed to be used with it. If the products you choose are not designed to let air circulate it can cause the UFH system to overheat.