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Piles of possibility

With 97 carpets to choose from, with a variety of styles and features, we have a carpet to suit your customers’ needs and budget. Our carpets are suitable for a range of uses, from general domestic to moderate commercial and heavy domestic, these versatile flooring options can also be moth resistant and stain-resistant.

Choose from loop, saxony or twist pile styles and cut from 4-metre-wide rolls to suit your customers’ room size. All our carpets come complete with a residential warranty for increased peace of mind. With a range of pile heights, colours and backing options, give your customers something they can really sink their feet into.

Laying down the facts

/ Up to 10-year residential warranty - Ranging from 2 - 10-years residential warranty, help provide your customers with additional peace of mind.

/ 4-metre rolls - Order to length from 4-metre rolls - perfect for providing a stunning carpet in small, medium or large rooms.

/ Moth and stain-resistant - Offering even more protection against the impact of day to day life.

/ Different thicknesses - Range from 7mm thickness for increased durability to 15mm for ultimate comfort.

Residential warranty

4-metre rolls

Stain resistant

Different thicknesses