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Everything You Need to Know About Carpets

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Whether it's time to refresh the look of your home's interior or just the need to transform a room, carpets can be a versatile and stylish material that will liven up your home. Choosing the perfect carpet for you totally depends on the room of choice and your lifestyle, stick around to explore the different variations and all the distinct features.

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What are carpet piles?

The pile of a carpet describes its individual fibres. These can be looped (where the fibres loop back into the backing material) or cut (cut off at the top). The key measurements you'll need to know assess a carpet's durability are its density - how closely knitted together its fibres are - and its pile height.

Note: all this information can be found on the individual product pages. In general, short, dense, heavy carpets are more durable and hard-wearing than those with loose, shaggy fibres. A quick test for this is to press your thumb into the pile. The quicker it springs back, the denser and more resilient it should be.

These piles are split out into loop, twist, saxony cut and the properties of these carpet fibres vary in quality and each type are best suited for different uses and areas around the home.


Loop - Short fibres looped into the backing for a very durable construction. While not pet-friendly, it is a fantastic option to help hide any dirt.

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Twist - With a lovely smooth surface, this a great practical choice if you need carpet for high footfall areas where you don't want footprints to show.


Saxony - Soft, deep, plush saxony cut pile takes comfort to the next level. So plush you can run your hand through the fibres and ideal for a bedroom or living room floor.

The choice is yours, be it luxury carpet pile for your living room and entertaining space or something more durable by opting for man-made synthetic carpet fibres, there's plenty for you to think about.

Are carpets easy to clean?

In short, yes, carpets are easy to clean. No matter how careful you are, stains and spillages are inevitable, so knowing how best to keep your carpet looking clean is essential and less of a fuss than you may think.

Remember, all Home Choice carpets are bleach cleanable, so you don't have to worry about life's accidents. Simple maintenance will not only protect the look and performance of the carpet - but also prolong its life.

The main methods of cleaning include vacuuming frequently - especially those high traffic areas, utilising dirt barriers such as doormats and a periodic professional clean will also ensure your floor is looking tip top. Following these easy-to-use steps will not only give you many years of enjoyment but also help towards a carefree lifestyle.

Most importantly, immediately attending to stains or spills will be your best bet for the easiest removal of any unwanted markings.

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What difference does carpet backing make?

The underside of a carpet is also called the backing, which works to secure the tufts and provide additional strength and dimensional stability. There are several different backing types for carpets which each have their own distinct properties.

Felt - These can be fitted with or without carpet underlay, making it an ideal option if you're on a budget. Lightweight and easy-to-install.

Heavy Felt - A heavier version, can be used with or without underlay however a minimum of 6mm is recommended.

Action/Hessian - Action backing is a type of fabric made with woven synthetic jute. A sturdy, hard-wearing option that requires underlay and grippers.

Combi-back - Made by fusing together a fleece layer and a woven polypropylene backing. Combi-back carpet backing combines advantages of these materials: it is strong and stable as well as soft and insulating.

How to measure a room for carpets

When measuring your room ready to place an order for your new luxury Home Choice carpet, it's important to take two measurements: the longest length and the widest width. It's also worth noting, our carpets are typically sold in width sets. As rooms can come different shapes and sizes, you'll need to check out our Measuring Guide for full details on how to correctly measure your room.

Accessories needed for installation

For a successful carpet installation there are several essential accessories you'll need to make sure you're equipped with. Firstly, you'll need carpet grippers, these work to keep the carpet securely in place, so it's important these are installed correctly. You will also need to consider which underlay is suitable for your carpet type and which cover strip profile will add the finishing touch - these serve to join different flooring types across door thresholds neatly.

Unsure which accessories will work best with your carpet? Take a look at our selection of accessories to find all the extras you'll need for your room.

How is carpet laid?

Once you've got your dream carpet and all the essential accessories, it's time to think about laying your carpet. Typically left to the professionals to securely fit; the carpet will be firmly attached to the subfloor by carpet grippers to ensure it stays in place. Once the necessary preparation has been carried out, it'll be rolled out in one piece - you may find you have offcuts that can be re-purposed elsewhere once fitted as most carpets come in set widths. Glue can be used during installation, but this isn't the most common method and only on certain carpets.

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What carpet is best for stairs?

As your stairs are a busy area of your home, you're going to want a carpet that's well equipped for high traffic areas. With this in mind, our range of twist or loop pile carpets will be most suitable.

Twist pile carpets are great for these areas of the home as they don't show footprints and loop pile carpets are equally as hard-wearing and practical - however loop carpets aren't pet-friendly so this may also be a consideration when choosing between the two.

Discover which one of our Home Choice carpets would be most suitable for your stairway.

What carpet is best for bedrooms?

Your bedroom should be your haven and a place you feel most relaxed. Therefore, our saxony cut carpets are the perfect option for a welcomed plushness in this space. Renowned for their soft, deep cut pile they're ideal for creating that luxurious feel in your bedroom - lovely for sinking your toes into at the beginning and end of every day. Find the perfect carpet for your bedroom from our range of Home Choice carpets.

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Whichever room you're planning to refresh with a brand-new carpet you can use our Shop by Room pages to find some extra inspiration. Perhaps you've got your preferred colour scheme in mind, so why not utilise our Shop by Colour pages to find your perfect match?