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6 Carpet Colour Ideas

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Styling a room successfully often hinges on how the colour of your carpet brings the space together - light carpets help to make a room feel bigger and more spacious, while dark carpets will make a room feel cosier. You could be looking to use neutral tones as the base for your decorating, in which case cream and beige carpets generally work the best. Its also these more mid and dual toned carpets that hide the multitudes of dirt the best, as well as patterned carpets, whereas dark carets only aid at disguising soil-esque dirt.

Your curtains and furnishings don't have to match your carpet, though complimentary colours will look best. As a rule of thumb whatever colour you choose for your walls should be two tones lighter than your floor if you don't want to it to have too strong an effect. This will help your room to feel more spacious, so you can go darker to make it cosier. too strong an effect. This will help your room to feel more spacious, so you can go darker to make it cosier.

No matter what colour of carpet you may have or be looking at getting, there are going to be plenty of options when it comes to styling your room around it, and we've got all the inspiration you need to find the perfect style to match your carpet.


living room grey carpet

Grey carpets

There are plenty of options when it comes to styling grey your way. Widely available in many different tones and with unique benefits across the spectrum. Light grey offers a more cooling tone which, while it won't help hide the dirt, pairs very well with warmer colours such as mustard yellow. Conversely, dark grey is great for making rooms feel cosier, and its adjacence to black brings with it the same sense of luxury.

bedroom grey carpet

For your wall colours you can go bold with yellows and pinks to help the room feel larger regardless of the tone of grey. Whites and creams are also great for promoting light, while beige can help a space feel warm and elegant. You can follow similar rules when picking furniture and accents, although having some darker colours in there can help break up more vibrant colour schemes.

If you want to add some warmth on top of a grey floor, adding rugs, blankets, and cushions with warm tones is a simple way to achieve this. Bringing in some wooden furniture will also help.

Beige carpets

As neutral tones in carpets go, beige very often stands as the top choice. To get the most out of it consider that the underlying colour is somewhat warm. Cool tones in your wall and furniture are best to offset this, ensuring the room becomes a true neutral.

Living room beige carpet

If you want to create something with extra style and elegance, use grey for your walls and furniture. Lighter tones will help brighten the space, making it feel more opulent and open.

Cream carpets

The light tone of cream carpets is great for brightening up a room and making them feel more spacious - perfect if you're working in a small space. Promote this effect with similar shades of cream, white, and ivory in your walls and furniture. Help bounce the light with the addition of mirrors, as well as glass and reflective surfaces like coffee tables. A little touch of metallic silver in things like photo frames works too.

bedroom cream carpet

If you want to make the room feel snug then pair the cream with some mid-tone greys. This will bring a sense of sophistication, especially if used in the walls. Mix and match the two colours around your room as you feel fit.

Black carpets

Black can be paired with just about any other colour, making it very convenient to match up your furniture to. Its dark tone does mean whichever room it is used in will feel cosier, so it's best avoided in box rooms. Lean into this cosy look with mid-to-dark tones as well as low and ambient lighting.

living room black carpet

If you want to go for a luxurious feel, promote light through the room with reflective and metallic surfaces and accents aplenty. Start with a light tone for the wall, and then add in glass surfaces alongside white curtains, cushions, and rugs - something shaggy would be very on-brief for this. Consider still using dark and black for the furniture so the colour does not get lost.

Brown carpets

Brown carpets offer naturally earthy tones and come in distinctly lighter and darker hues. Blue is a versatile wall colour to help balance all shades of brown, with cool ice and steel blues balancing warmer reddish browns. Similarly, warmer blues in your walls and furnishings will accentuate cooler browns.

room brown carpet

A rug can look especially striking with brown carpets. Neutral colours like cream and beige look the best, as do more blues. Be sure to pick a colour you can pair with other furniture in the room, such as sofas.

Pink carpets

More colourful carpets are traditionally reserved for children's bedrooms and playrooms, but there is versatility to be found in them. If you want to lean into the classic look, then you've got to go bright. Compliment the carpet with bright green, purple, or even yellow to make something truly vibrant. Some white accents, especially in the furniture, are a good idea to help break the bold colours and bring the effect together.

living room pink carpet

If you're looking to tone the colour down a bit, then neutral is the way to go. Use whites and creams in areas such as bedrooms and living rooms to help the space feel more open, while mid-to-dark greys can help give a room a sense of opulence whilst still feeling cosy.

Of course there are more possibilities with every colour and styles with other colours to try, such as the Harbour Home trend that incorporates a blue carpet, that can help you cultivate truly unique character.