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Herringbone vs chevron flooring

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At a glance, you may not notice too big of a difference between herringbone and chevron style flooring. They both include parquet boards and are synonymous with classic designs. But, through the similarities, they both have their own unique uses. In this style guide we'll show you how to use both herringbone and chevron in your home and compare the two.


Natural looking wood herringbone flooring installed in a hallway, flowing throughout the home

Herringbone flooring

Herringbone flooring, also known as herringbone parquet flooring, gets its name from resembling the rib cage of a herring fish. This classic look can provide a striking appearance in any design, with options to suit traditional styles and modern interpretations. This look is achieved by using rectangular pieces of wood, laminate or vinyl installed at 90 ° angles to each other.

You can utilise whatever space you have to create a stunning herringbone design thanks to different sized planks. Use larger, wider planks to enhance the space in generous sized rooms, or smaller, thinner planks to help lengthen hallways or provide a traditional feel. Oversized boards are also perfect for providing a contemporary style. You're also not constrained to the classic herringbone style and can use the boards to create several interesting designs. There's a herringbone pattern perfect any room.

Examples of different patterns you can use your herringbone boards to create

Chevron flooring

In contrast to herringbone flooring, chevron designs are installed in a V, or chevron, pattern. The boards are set at a 45 ° angle point as well, instead of the 90 ° found in herringbone. Thanks to the unique style and design that you find with chevron flooring boards, it's more difficult to deviate away from the standard look. That's not to say it's impossible to alter chevron flooring to make it your own though. With various colours and finishes available, you're bound to find one to suit your personal tastes. You could also choose unfinished boards and paint them yourself to provide your own unique spin.

Chevron flooring provides a flowing feel with its pattern, with the point providing a directional look throughout any home. Even though it is a timeless style, chevron does feel a bit more contemporary and fits perfectly in Cottagecore or Harbour Home designs. If you choose the right finish, Chevron flooring can suit even the most traditional style.

Laminate chevron flooring installed in a home office. The light, natural looking floor helps to brighten up the room

Do you require a border?

If you're installing your flooring throughout multiple rooms then a border can provide a threshold to allow you to change the direction of the flooring and helps you to define your area. Alternatively, you can install your herringbone or chevron flooring throughout multiple rooms to provide a fantastic open plan feel.

Borders can also make a room feel smaller though - especially if the borders you've decided to use are thick. For smaller rooms extend the pattern to the edges to help stretch the room and provide a feeling of a more open and airy space.

Natural wood herringbone floor installed with a double border of the same wood

Installing herringbone or chevron

Thanks to our quick click installation system, providing your own bold and stunning design is simple and importantly DIY friendly. If you want to install the classic herringbone style, then check out our installation guide which will provide you with all the information you need to lay this statement piece yourself.

If you're installing unfinished wood, it provides you with the opportunity to make your floor your own by painting or lacquering your boards yourself and creating a personal style. For more information on how to make your unfinished floor your own.

Chevron boards installed in a living room with irregular black, white, yellow and natural looking boards

Both herringbone and chevron flooring can help distinguish a room, provide it with a unique style and set it apart from the rest. If you're looking for a design and that will stand the test of time and will continue to stay relevant long after the colour of your walls have changed for the third time, then look no further than both of these fantastic options. If you're after a traditional style that you can personalise yourself then herringbone is more of your options, whereas if you're looking for a modern interpretation of a parquet design, then chevron is likely more your speed. Whatever you choose, we have a number of great colour options to pick from and create your perfect room.