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Get The Look - Bathroom Rejuvenations
July 1st, 2020

It’s often the way that bathrooms are left to the end in an interior overhaul, but we’d love to know why. We spend plenty of time in these rooms making ourselves look beautiful, so it’s only right that the surroundings are kept looking equally suave.

STEP 1: Finishes

Your surface finishes are critical to bathroom success, a common choice being a crisp, clean trend – and with good reason. Predominantly we’re talking whites, creams, and silvers, neutral but no less stunning when done well.

We’d like to pay particular attention to taps. Taps are a relatively simple way to take your bathroom look to that next level, so not only do they need to look great, but they also need to be consistent from bath to basin. Victoria Plumb offer designs to meet almost any style and come at a range of price points.

And whilst we’re making changes for the better, it’s probably time to get rid of that tired shower curtain. These don’t age well. Instead, opt for a glass door if possible, achieving a sleeker and also spacious feel. Once installed, make sure to keep on top of cleaning for a gleaming look.

STEP 2: Spacious Feel

All too often we feel cramped in our bathrooms, and this simply isn’t right. Space can be at a premium, of course, but it’s all about tricking the eye. There’s no reason why the bathroom should be ignored with living rooms and bedrooms getting all the design inspiration!

Lighting is a crucial factor; by definition, some unnatural lighting will be required to get the room lit as well as it should be, bathrooms hardly the place for big windows. This spacious feel can be enhanced with the introduction of a large mirror, perhaps one of these beauties from The Bath Store.

STEP 3: Spacious Feel

Vinyl is the ideal choice for a bathroom floor, the option to wet clean making this a true maintenance all-rounder. We offer a wide range of bathroom floors, with something to suit all budgets and tastes. Shop our full collection or find out more about what makes the best bathroom floor.

Whether it’s a wood, stone, or metallic effect that you are looking to include in your bathroom shake-up, with our selection of floors you can achieve a more realistic on-trend look than ever before. Also coming with superb scratch and scuff resistance, and a generous warranty, vinyl is set to appear in bathrooms across the UK for the foreseeable future.

STEP 4: Storage

Good storage methods are imperative if clutter is to be avoided. As is the case with any room, decluttering can free up space for those who don’t have this in abundance and make for a more aesthetically pleasing environment.

Storage works at all levels, so whether it’s a traditional large-scale wicker basket for laundry, or a simple toothbrush holder, attention to detail can help you gain the bathroom you deserve. Not the most inspiring design topic perhaps but do your research and you’ll be uncovering gems.

STEP 5: Towels

A small touch perhaps, but one that can make all the difference to you and your guests alike. Nobody’s a fan of sub-standard towelling – these items need to be plump, fluffy, and inviting, giving that ‘hotel feel’ to your bathroom setting. This is the final touch. The cherry on top if you will. Why not go all out with these Egyptian Cotton numbers from John Lewis?

Follow these top tips and you’ll have a super rejuvenated bathroom!