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Pink: The Ultimate Anti-Neutral Colour
September 1st, 2021

When you think of neutral colours, your mind probably goes straight to the obvious – cream, beige, and grey. Well, there’s one other colour that, like these shades, is versatile, timeless, and complementary – pink!

Now you may have overlooked using pink throughout your home as you may think it’s limited to girls’ bedrooms; however, it may just be what your home is missing. There are plenty of creative ways to think pink, from subtle blush to striking fuchsia, pink is surprisingly adaptable.

We’ve rounded up some of the most effective ways to incorporate shades of pink in different areas of your home, particularly in the bedroom. Discover how to make pink work for you and your style.

Is pink a good colour for the bedroom?

Pink is a great colour for the bedroom as some of the paler shades have a wonderful calming property, perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere. Whilst if you went for hot pink, this pop of colour gives it a modern twist and with millennial pink being so on-trend, you’re bound to see some inspiration in home interior magazines.

Can adults have a pink bedroom?

As pink varies from the palest peaches to the unmissable millennial pink, it’s certainly a shade that isn’t limited to children’s bedrooms. In fact, pink’s versatility means it works well for all ages and is more popular than you may think.

What goes with blush pink in the bedroom?

The great thing about blush pink is its slightly beige tint that lends itself to many colour pairings. For starters, pink and grey are simply a match made in heaven. A blush pink colour is comforting, romantic, and easy to use with greys. As grey is one of the most popular neutrals, it seamlessly matches with a wide range of colour palettes.

Go grey your way and check out our style guide for even more inspiring room ideas to get you thinking about how you could refresh your home with this on-trend colour.

Bright colours also pair well as contrasting colours with a blush pink, ideal if you’d like a statement wall in your bedroom or if you fancy a muted pink wallpaper, matched with some colourful bedding. There are so many ways you can be creative with pink.

How can I make my bedroom pink?

If blush pink isn’t quite right for your bedroom, then not to worry as there is a right pink for everyone, as you’ll discover from our wide-ranging selection of pink bedroom ideas.

One of the most statement ways of incorporating pink into your bedroom is with your carpet. Our sumptuous Home Choice Cardigan Rose carpet is a stunning pink carpet that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. As it’s such a bright and beautiful choice, it’ll instantly lighten up any space. The beauty of this colour is its versatility, so pairing it with light wooden furniture will add to the openness or if you’d like a cosier feel, you can add drama with darker accents – the choice is yours.

Another great way to switch up your bedroom and inject a pop of pink is with your soft furnishings. Everything from your bedding to your cushions to a cosy throw at the end of your bed. The best thing about this bedroom idea is that you can easily change it around depending on the season or as styles change over the years.

A few more interchangeable and creative ways of incorporating hints of pink into your bedroom is through artwork and accessories, such as lamps, light shades or canvas art. All of which can be bought to complement the rest of your bedroom’s colour palette and your personal interior style.

As you can see, no matter which shade of pink has caught your fancy, there are endless ways to incorporate it into your bedroom and pair it with another favourite colour of yours.

How to incorporate pink in the home?

There are many ways you can incorporate pink into your home, down from your floors all the way up to your ceiling, pink can be added in so many areas of your home. As there are so many varieties of pink you can tailor it to the atmosphere you’re trying to emulate. If you’re going for a zen living space, your best bet would be a subtle dusky pink that works with grounding earthy tones and shoots of greenery. Compared with a fun, entertaining dining area, in which a bubble-gum pink would thrive and add interest to this hosting space.

If you need a little inspiration on how to make it work for you, take a look at @touch_of_blush_home's beautiful dining room. The clever combination of a muted laminate floor and colourful pink accents, such as the vase and modern light fixture, really work to open up the room.

One room you may overlook when it comes to incorporating pink in your home is your bathroom. After all, we do start and end our days here so why not make it somewhere that brings a smile to your face with a beautiful pop of colour, just like @jodievictoriia. Jodie cleverly and subtly paired pale pink and forest green in her bathroom of dreams. Her little touches, such as her towel choices and artwork above the bath are effective and have transformed the room. Plus, these finishing touches are so easily interchangeable that you don’t have to worry if you fancy something different in the future – why not try all sorts of pink tones until you find your favourite?

A top decorating tip that you may not know, is you can make your floor your own by painting unfinished flooring for a completely individual touch you can add to your home. If you’re trying to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom or living room, for example, you could use the same pink paint colour on your wooden floor that you have done on your walls, and create a calming cocoon. Perhaps try a pink ombre look or alternate the colours for a funky style. Read more about creating a unique pink look in your home and trying your hand with your unfinished floor in our blog.

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