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The first step on your journey begins with picking the perfect flooring type. Even if you have your style in mind, you might miss out on how a different type of flooring can benefit your room, while keeping the look to fit your tastes. This guide will help you choose the best fit for your room. Once you've decided on your flooring type, try our Room Visualiser tool to see how each can transform your room.


Bringing the most authentic of looks, it is hard to match the irresistible feel and character of solid wood. This flooring is the ultimate in traditional design and provides a real statement in style. You can choose different finishes to suit your needs - a lacquered finish offers enhanced durability against all spills and scuffs, while an oiled finish provides a truly classic look.

Compatible with underfloor heating, conducive to sanding, solid wood flooring is a great long-term option. However, its tongue & groove profile means it's best fit by a professional. Always make sure to properly acclimatise solid wood before fitting due to its susceptibility to changes in humidity. With proper care though, a solid wood floor becomes a long-term investment for your home.

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With engineered wood you can keep the aesthetic and irresistible feel of solid wood, but with smoother installation, it has become a popular choice among homeowners. Delivering the ideal combination of practicality and good looks, different materials used in each layer add stability, durability, and a range of different finishes for the top.

As with solid wood, engineered wood can be laid over underfloor heating, and the top layer can be sanded back and refinished to be long-lasting, especially when properly maintained. Unlike tongue & groove joints, the click system technology available to engineered wood make them DIY-ready, ideal for enthusiasts looking to try their hand at laying their own flooring.

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Fantastically easy to clean and maintain, laminate is the ideal choice for hectic households, or those wanting a fuss-free budget-friendly option, being both cost-effective and wide ranging in colours and styles. The printed decors of laminate perfectly recreate the look of tile, wood, or stone onto a hardwearing top layer.

Laminate is the best of both worlds, allowing you to get an authentic look, but remaining easier to maintain. Boards arranged in plank pattern give a more natural look, whilst herringbone helps create something timeless. Click locking systems on the boards make them perfect for DIY installation. The resin wear layer found on laminate floors makes them remarkably tough whilst still offering the look you crave.

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Luxury vinyl offers the perfect budget-friendly option for busy homes that want an easy clean option, whilst still offering an array of looks with a realistic finish. If your time is a premium and stains, spills, and scratches are a constant concern in your home, then this is a great option for easy maintenance.

All luxury vinyl comes with the added benefit of being 100% waterproof, making this the perfect flooring choice for your wet rooms. Click vinyl is DIY-ready, easy to install over underlay with few tools and no adhesive required, while glue down vinyl is best fit by a professional, though needs no underlay and is ideal for larger rooms.

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