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Hints and Tips - Which Way To Lay Planks

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If you've opted to lay your lovely new flooring yourself, whether it's solid wood, engineered timber or a laminate choice, hopefully you'll be prepared for when the moment arrives!

There are many things to consider before laying a floor, with advice on the majority of these found in the Your Home of Inspiration Hints & Tips section here.

However, there is a topic that we should attempt to clear up once and for all: which way to lay your planks. There are many myths and rumours plaguing the Internet as to the right way to do this, and although personal preference does come into play, we're on hand to help.

The first option to consider is laying boards parallel to the longest wall in the room. This is assuming, of course, that there is such a thing as a longest wall.

What if the room is relatively square? Well, we advise laying towards incoming light; if the room has walls of fairly equal lengths, the direction of the planks should be towards the main light source. It doesn't matter if this is a simple window or some grand French doors, light can have a significant impact when it comes to achieving a natural, spacious feel.

Stick to these guidelines and your UK Flooring Direct floor will fit seamlessly into your stylish home. The only time you should ever override the 'lengthwise' rule is if the next room has been laid in a contrary direction.

If this is the case, it is normally appropriate to lay in a matching direction, in order to promote a degree of continuity. Perpendicular planks from room to room are not order of the day!

There's no reason why a UK Flooring Direct wood or laminate floor shouldn't be laid by the homeowner, provided some advance preparation is carried out. Keep following our quick tips and you'll achieve an end result that exceeds all expectations.