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Trending – Neo Deco
October 1st, 2021

Trending – Neo Deco

With summery and playful pastel colours, Neo Deco brings the opulent feel of 1920s Art Deco Miami into a modern setting, to create a design that is inviting and ready for a party that could rival the Great Gatsby.

With eye catching colour and bold shapes, this trend is perfect for making a statement, especially when you’re looking to bring friends and family into your home.

The roaring 20s

Invoking the colour and passion that came with the roaring 20s, the Neo Deco trend fantastically combines bright and airy colours with bold and striking shapes. Include furniture that oozes retro charm. Art Deco is characterised by geometric design and angular shapes such as triangles, circles, cubes, and sleek, straight lines. This can be included in the furniture you choose, curved headboards and arches, or geometric designs on the wall or in your flooring.

Art Deco flooring

Geometric floor designs are a simple way to include Art Deco designs in your home. Bold and symmetrical shapes are perfect for creating a Neo Deco style, and either a herringbone or chevron real wood floor is a commonly seen addition. You could even purchase a natural, unfinished wood floor, like our Galleria Professional Engineered Rustic Oak Herringbone and provide your own perfect pastel finish.

Alternatively, include a geometric patterned style in an instant with our range of Vitality Columba patterned floors. Thanks to the range of funky and striking designs you aren’t constrained to any particular style. You can choose from a classic black and white chequer pattern, or go bold with a Boho inspired tile effect floor.

The colour palette

When looking at providing colour into your Neo Deco style, focus on light and pastel colours to brighten up your room. You can even pair this with tropical prints, wallpapers, or furnishings to let the colours pop out even more. An easy way to include these shades in your design is through artwork or neon signs. Miami was known for its vibrant art scene so including daring pieces is a quintessential part of Neo Deco. Neon signs are another way to provide bright hues, while the increased light can help enhance any paint you have included on the walls.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is a trend that is rapidly growing in popularity and is one that perfectly lends itself to the Neo Deco style. To put it simply, colour blocking is the pairing of two or three different colours to provide a bold statement. With the striking pastel shades this trend brings, it’s easy to create your own unique and exciting spin on the trend.

As with our Jewel Tones trend, you don’t have to focus purely on the colour on your walls. Accentuate your style through your doorframes, windows, doors, and floors. Don’t be afraid to choose clashing colours, as this will help define your style and provide the perfect pop for your look.

The finishing touches

Finding the correct furniture and accessories can be simple if you’re not overly fussy about the colours you choose. You can easily find vintage Art Deco lamps, chairs, and sofas at antique stores, or even at your local car boot sale, if you’re lucky. Once you’ve found your furniture piece, you can choose your colours to match. As a reminder, clashing colours are encouraged to create a signature style, but you’re fine to choose complementary tones instead if you stick to the pastel colour pallet.

Mirrors are another great way to enhance your room. Not only can mirrors help open your space by reflecting light, but they can also help you make a statement without much effort. Mirrored cabinets, sideboards, and coffee tables are easy ways to include a mirrored surface without plastering your wall full of wall mirrors.

Some final thoughts

Neo Deco is an insanely photographic style. No matter what colour you’ve decided to pick and what furnishings you’ve managed to find, you’re certain to find a style that is bold and striking. If you’ve managed to create a definitive Neo Deco design, then we’d love for you to share it with us on our social media. Use #UKFlooringDirect for your chance to be featured in our next brochure.