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Guest Stylist Lucy Gough - Rustic
July 1st, 2020

As UK Flooring Direct’s Home of Inspiration, we’ve invited a collection of the country’s most talented interior stylists to share their expertise. We’re delighted to continue the series with the lovely Lucy Gough, pioneering the timeless rustic sitting room look with a contemporary twist.

“Colour Scheme: One can't go wrong with white, grey, and a soft heritage green scheme for your walls. The colours are soothing on the eye and can make you feel relaxed when you are in their presence. The palette can lend itself to a contemporary space or a rustic scheme and would be perfect for achieving the look above.

Dulux is a winner for overall colour choice and accessibility. It's available at almost any decorating store or major DIY retailer. You can also take any object you have at home and get them to colour match it for you.

One of the most genius apps to be downloaded to my iPhone and iPad is the Dulux Visualiser app. You can point it at your room, take a picture and play with the wall colours in seconds. No imagination required! You can see what the finished scheme will look like before you buy the paint.

My personal choices for the scheme above would be Tuscan Glade, Clouded Pearl, and Mineral Haze.

Pattern: Pattern is often necessary to lift a scheme, as four walls with plain colour can look dull. The easiest way to bring colour in is with cushions, curtains, and other soft furnishings. The scheme above needs just a few key accessories to give it depth, and the types of patterns that could be incorporated are:

  • Suvi Dresden Blue
  • A piece of printed linen fabric from Romo
  • Block leaf printed fabric from Sanderson
  • Stockholm Fabric from Ikea

Flooring: There are a couple of ways that you can achieve this rustic flooring look. You could lay laminate flooring, which is a great option, as many people wouldn't consider laying a new hardwood floor unless they were doing a major renovation. If you are planning a bigger project, UK Flooring Direct have a wide selection of real wood floors to choose from.

UK Flooring Direct also sell a fabulous range of wood-look laminate floors, so spend some time finding the right option for you, many of these bringing a pre-distressed feel to fit in with the rustic theme.

If you’re stuck for choice, try their Room Visualiser tool to see what each floor will look like in your home – it’s just like the Dulux Visualiser app! Once you’ve narrowed your choices down, order some extra-large free samples to see it in person.

Furniture: To hammer home that modern rustic feel, a coffee table in a mixture of timber and glass would work perfectly. The Marylebone Oak Coffee Table from OKA Direct (left) would slip seamlessly into the scheme above.

Sofa: A sofa is always a good place to start when embarking on a new interiors scheme. As sofas can be so expensive, you want to make sure the one you invest in will stand the test of time. Something timeless and 'trendless' is always sensible, especially if you plan on keeping it for a long time.

The sofa in the main image above is the Emily Corner Sofa from I've seen it and I can personally say it is one of the most comfortable sofas I have ever sat on! You can also choose your fabric and felt and if a corner sofa won’t fit in your home, you can buy a straight 3-seater or an armchair instead.

Storage:Garden Trading has the most gorgeous range of furniture and accessories and all tie-in with a modern rustic look. The Architects Storage unit is solid and stylish and could be used in any number of rooms from the sitting room to the bedroom and utility room. I'd personally put a mantlepiece mirror on this or a painting and some personal accessories like candlesticks and vases etc. Let's face it, you can never have enough storage.

About Lucy Gough: Australian born, London based interior stylist Lucy has worked for big titles such as Livingetc, Alto, and the Sunday Times, as well as many well-known brands, businesses, and designers. Lucy has been a fabulous addition to what is a growing list of Inspiration Centre guest stylists. Read Lucy’s other article here.