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Trending - Journey Through Christmas
January 1st, 2020

It may seem a tad early, but there’s only one thing on designers’ minds right now - getting into the festive spirit! Sure, there’s plenty of cliché and traditions involved, but there’s also room for originality. Follow us on our voyage through a Christmas home, and feel free to bring your notepad!

STEP 1: First Impressions

First impressions are key, none more so than the grand front door itself. It doesn’t matter if these are new guests or the oldest of friends, you want things to look as inviting and appealing as possible, especially at this time of the year when everybody wants to feel at home.

A show-stopping wreath is a great way to make your home stand out among the rest and something you can craft yourself, although it’s worth thinking outside the box when it comes to flower choice. This said, if you are pushed for time there are some stunning pre-made offerings on the market.

STEP 2: Welcome Inside

The welcoming entrance should extend into the hallway. These should be warm and inviting. Light should be the first aspect noted by guests as they flow through the front door - there’s nothing worse than a dark and dingy ambiance!

After all, this is Christmas, a time for light and joy, and whether you’re blessed with a natural light source, or instead require some unnatural assistance (such as through the use of mirrors), it’s a good idea to make sure things are well lit.

Grand or subtle? The choice is up to you this season, though fairy lights and metallic tinsel are ideal to accompany permanent fixtures such as stair runners and oak boards. Many variations of real wood flooring are waiting to be explored at UK Flooring Direct, which is sure to bring glad tidings with its rich, warming hue.

STEP 3: Sit Down, Relax

The living room is a place to nestle with family flying about over the Christmas period - warm and comfortable is the order of the day.

A false skin throw, or simple thick-pile rug can introduce such warmth and comfort. We’re advocates of all things distressed and ‘worn-in’, as the texture is every bit as important as colour when it comes to putting a roomset together. This applies to every piece found in the room, from rugs and cushions down to rich earthy floorboards.

Foliage is a low-cost and simple way to bring this great season indoors, neatness not required when scattering your berried branches and holly.

STEP 4: Come Dine With Me

With any Christmas makeover, there is a balance to be gained when using both the traditional and the contemporary.

Take a look at this roomset, quintessential Christmas yet modern elements shining through. A dinner table feature we’ve fallen in love with is the glass jug or dome, often coloured, with seasonal accessories or figurines found within. You’ll score well for originality here.

Add to this some scented tealights, plus some arts and crafts which are brilliant for getting the kids involved, and the look starts to come together.

Intricate or bold, the dining room is central to any Christmas design success story, and as we spend such an important time here, the proof really is in the pudding.

STEP 5: Behind the Scenes

Our journey comes to an end in the kitchen, again a key ingredient in gaining Christmas success. What’s produced here will keep stomachs satisfied across the festive season, so it’s only right to spend as much time accessorising here as we would in the rest of the home.

As well as your kitchen accessories, there’s some serious design work to be carried out. The fabulous monotone scheme in this roomset shows that in all its glory. Use our Room Visualiser tool to see how you can transform your kitchen’s style.

Our eyes are drawn to the sweeping white planks from UK Flooring Direct, a subtle choice for those wanting the beauty of the oak to shine through. This washed effect can also be found in the brand’s laminate product range, meaning this on-trend look can be gained no matter the practical requirements and budget.

Be brave, and most of all have fun with your design this Christmas. We’d love to hear how you get on!