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What's the best kitchen flooring?

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Kitchens come in all shapes, sizes, colours, and finishes - just like flooring. No matter your budget, taste, or lifestyle we're here to help you find the perfect kitchen flooring for your home. From the easy-care nature of laminate to the enhanced durability of luxury vinyl, this guide will make choosing your new flooring a breeze.


How to choose kitchen flooring

It's important to consider the daily life you - and your new kitchen flooring - will lead. Will you be entertaining most weekends? Welcoming a four-legged family member soon? Or planning to install your flooring yourself? All the answers to these questions will have an impact on your choice.

Kitchen flooring: laminate vs. vinyl

Laminate combines the attractive appearance of real wood and the low price, low maintenance benefits of laminate. Keeping a laminate floor looking its best is a simple, straightforward task as it's a kitchen flooring that is easy to clean; just give it a sweep or a light mop once a week.

With a huge variety of styles, in many different shades and colours, this type of flooring will go with almost any kitchen design. Versatility is the name of the game and it's also comfortable underfoot - perfect if you're entertaining or spending a lot of time in the traditional heart of the home. Choose a higher AC rating of laminate for enhanced durability.

Luxury vinyl - both the click and glue down varieties - offer the same aesthetic appeal and easy-clean benefits as laminate but with the addition of being 100% waterproof. Enhanced durability helps vinyl shine in taxing areas, especially where pets are involved!

As glue down vinyl requires adhesive to be fixed to the subfloor, it's best fit by professionals or experienced DIYers. Choose click vinyl if you are a novice DIYer or would like a little extra cushioning underfoot with the addition of underlay.

Another option for you is our range of sheet vinyl which can be loose laid - making for the perfect DIY project as no adhesive, tape, nails or grippers are needed. What's more, sheet vinyl is easy to clean, as it only requires a quick sweep, mop or vacuum to remove any of those inevitable spills, it's also water-resistant and compatible with underfloor heating systems up to 27 °C, allowing you to keep your toes toasty whilst you cook.

What about real wood?

If you don't want to compromise on the natural look and feel of real wood, then you can opt for engineered wood flooring. It's suitable for kitchens, providing you're on top of mopping up any spills and splashes to keep it looking its best. Tending to any mishaps quickly will keep your beautiful floor protected and free from any issues. We'd also recommend you go for a lacquered finish, as this will provide an extra layer of protection.

From daily cleaners to specialist care and protect kits, it's important you invest in engineered wood aftercare to ensure you get the most from your kitchen floor.

Which kitchen flooring is the most durable?

Both laminate and vinyl are durable options. In laminate, the higher the AC rating, the more durable your floor will be. AC5 rated laminate is used in commercial settings so you know it'll fare well in the busiest kitchens. In vinyl, glue down slightly edges out click in terms of durability - but only just - due to the way it is fixed firmly to the subfloor with adhesive.

If you want durable vinyl, look no further than Life, our brand of rigid core vinyl. As well as being 100% waterproof and scratch-resistant, they are all rated AC4 or AC5 for great durability. Be sure to read our guide on AC ratings so you know you're picking the right option for your kitchen.

What kitchen flooring is best for dogs?

If you have a dog (or any other pets) you'll want flooring that's as easy to clean as it is durable. Luxury glue down vinyl is a popular choice for pet owner's kitchens due to it having both features in spades. It's waterproof too (in case of any accidents), meaning both your and your pup's tails can keep wagging, safe in the knowledge it's a floor that will sustain. Rigid core vinyl is also a great option for its durability and scratch-resistance.

See before you try and try before you buy

Enjoy the ultimate flexibility of seeing what different floors could look like in your room with our Room Visualiser tool. Free and easy to use, upload a picture of your kitchen and tap through each floor to your heart's content. You might be surprised to find a colour or style you hadn't thought of, matches your kitchen perfectly.

Once you've found the perfect floor (or three), order your free extra-large samples to see your favourites in person and get a true look and feel first-hand.

How much does kitchen flooring cost?

The cost of kitchen flooring varies depending on a few different factors, from the size of your room to the flooring type and any underlay you choose. For a budget-friendly solution, laminate is a fantastic option. If you have a certain budget in mind, you'll find a suitable solution in our kitchen flooring collection.

Where to buy kitchen flooring

Shop hundreds of kitchen floors from the comfort of your home on our website. If you'd like a little help or some extra advice, our friendly team of flooring experts are just a phone call away on 02476 012 840.

How to install kitchen flooring

Once you've found the perfect flooring for you, the final step is installing it. The good news is that our entire laminate and luxury click vinyl ranges are suitable for even beginner DIYers. Check out our videos on how to Install laminate and how to install click vinyl for an easy-to-follow guide.

Due to the need for adhesives, luxury glue down vinyl is best suited to experienced DIYers or professional fitters.

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