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9 More Carpet Cleaning Hacks
July 1st, 2021

9 more carpet cleaning hacks

We all love carpets in our homes for the extra level of warmth and comfort they bring that other floors just cannot match. The downside comes when they get dirty or damaged, which can happen easily with their delicate fibres, and we cannot all keep the kit and chemicals needed to combat every unforeseen dilemma.

That’s why we’ve come up with nine carpet cleaning hacks to keep your floor plush and perfect, adding to our previous tips on how to get 11 common stains out of your carpet. These hacks will not only help you to take care of even more stains, but will help with fixing up your carpet and keeping it fresh too.

1 – How to get dents out of carpet

As time goes on, spots of your carpet can easily become dented as the legs of sofas and beds leave a long-lasting impression in its cushioned surface. Unlike real wood, laminate, and vinyl flooring you will not be able to mitigate this with furniture pads. Thankfully, there is a really easy fix you can perform.

Just cover the dent with a damp towel and then press an iron over the affected area. You won’t be ironing it out – press the steam button down several times as you move the iron about for ten seconds or so before taking it off. Buff the dent with the towel to help loosen the fibres and watch as the steam helps your carpet rise back into shape.

2 – How to get chewing gum out of carpet

Trying not to think about how the gum got there to begin with, pop half a dozen ice cubes in a plastic bag. Leave the bag on the gum until it is frozen solid and can be easily scraped off with a knife. Then just blot the area with a solution of soap and white vinegar, and dab it dry afterwards.

3 – How to get foundation out of carpet

If there are any foundation leftovers get those wiped up first with some kitchen roll, avoiding rubbing so as not to increase the stain. When only the stain is left, pour a little bit of lukewarm water on and then dab dry with a towel. If there’s still a slight stain left, pour some potato starch or a substitute on and vacuum up after 24 hours.

4 – How to get lipstick out of carpet

Like with other makeup mishaps, start by clearing any excess to avoid making more stains. Put on some protective rubber cleaning gloves and soak a white dish cloth in paint remover, squeezing out the excess. Dab slowly onto the stains, working from the outside moving in. As always, do not rub as this will create more stains.

Once the lipstick is removed, be sure to make a mixture of water and a detergent such as washing up liquid and blot the alcohol out of the carpet. Leave it to air dry.

5 – How to get rid of urine smell in carpet

The worry of any pet owner as even if the stain is removed or disappears, the scent can encourage a repeat offence. Thankfully, all you need is some bicarbonate of soda to get things smelling fresh again. Sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda where the smell is and leave overnight before vacuuming it up. This will eliminate the odour and should discourage any future incidents in that spot.

6 – How to get gloss paint out of carpet

Gloss paint, like any other oil-based paint, can do irreversible damage to your carpet if not cleared up quickly, though even then it may never properly fade away. That said, always start by dipping a white cotton cloth in white spirit or mineral turpentine (make sure you’re wearing protective gloves) and dabbing the stain to remove most of the paint.

To clean up the remaining stain, make a solution of washing up liquid and cold water and soak another white cotton cloth in it. Gently press the cloth into the stain to clean up the paint and any lingering white spirit before blotting the excess water with kitchen roll to finish.

7 – How to get mud out of carpet

Unlike other stains, mud is much easier to clean once dried. Vacuum up any excess and then, when the stain has dried, sponge it using a clean white cloth with a solution of washing up liquid and warm water. Keep blotting until the stain disappears, before cleaning the area up with a dabbing of cold water and then blot it dry.

8 – How to get tea stains out of carpet

This might not be what your friends meant when they asked you to spill the tea, but if it happens you will want to make a solution of one part vinegar to two parts lukewarm water. Add this into a spray bottle and then spray then tea stain. Using a cloth, gently rub it into the carpet fibres and repeat until the stain fades. Lastly, you’ll want to rinse it with cold water, before blotting dry with a towel or kitchen roll.

9 – How to make carpet freshener

Even if you keep your carpet clean and fix up any dents, time can still take its toll on the scent it gives off. Fixing it with fresh smell can give your whole home a lift, and it’s easy to do using only bicarbonate of soda and essential oils.

Taking half a cup (or 120ml) of your bicarbonate of soda and pour it into a container that already has 20 to 40 drops of essential oils in it. Use Teatree oil for half, as it is a good cleaning agent, and then your preferred smell for the other half. Lavender is a great natural fragrance to choose. Mix it up and leave for 24 hours, and then its ready to sprinkle on your carpet. Just vacuum it up after letting it sit for only ten minutes.

Please bear in mind that these hacks might not be suitable if you have a wool carpet, and you should consult your manufacturer’s instructions when dealing with stains. If none of the tricks above have worked and you find any stains too stubborn or difficult to remove, it’s best to contact your carpet’s manufacturer for guidance to avoid discolouring your carpet.