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Get The Look - New Kitchen
July 1st, 2020

Whether you're making small alterations or wholesale changes to your kitchen this season, we've made it easy to achieve each element of this look with a series of handy product links below, mixing designs, materials and concepts to create a stunning end result.

1: Get your paint sorted. A hiccup here and the whole ambiance of the room could fall. Fortunately, this room set features a simple matt white effect and is available at your nearest Farrow & Ball store, this shade taking any risk out of the colour selection process and allowing the beauty and vibrancy of other statement features to shine through, including the rich beauty of the oak boards underfoot.

2: Speaking of other statement features how about those splash back glass tiles? With their vibrancy, these are best suited to small surface areas so as not to dominate the whole room. Used in perfect, sparing fashion, splash back wall tiles are an established kitchen concept that can still be applied to our kitchens today.

3: There's no reason to resist the retro, just because this is a predominantly modern look. Nods to the past can help provide balance, something we're great advocates of, and although we've picked out some beautiful weighing scales from M&S, similar items can be found at a range of websites and high street outlets. Dig around and uncover those hidden gems; Etsy is a great resource if looking to do just this.

4: Metallic-effect jars? Look no further than the tried and tested Debenhams, these beauties combining a modern, glossy effect with the familiar, high quality feel of ceramic. These items scream contemporary chic, but crucially won't break the bank.

5: Chairs should be more than a mere afterthought, as anyone with an eye for design (and fans of Charles Eames) will testify. These items must fall in line with existing fixtures and fittings, 'balance' again the buzzword as we look to scale new design heights. We felt extra white was just the ticket for this setting, but you may feel darker chairs and stools are required to prevent a 'washed out' feel in your interior. A modern kitchen is designed to be clinical, yes, but loss of the homely touch can be an unwanted by-product.

6: The one we've been waiting for, and believe it or not these boards, authentic to both the eye and the touch, are not real wood but laminate. A key ingredient in UK Flooring Direct's Mega Deals collection, Summer Natural Oak laminate flooring brings the faithful look of oak with all its knots, grains and swirl marks, a soulful element amidst a sea of modern design influences. These scratch and stain resistant floors are the perfect solution for chaotic family homes, easy to maintain and available in alternative colours should style dictate.

7: Last but not least we turn out attentions to the kitchen surface. Whitecap is much more than a plain white, this design uses flecks and blemishes to add a new, almost industrial dimension compared to the plainer white walls.

We hope this has your inspiration juices flowing! If you’re still undecided about your new kitchen floor, check out our post on the “What’s the best kitchen flooring” or shop our full range here.