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What Is The Best Conservatory Flooring?

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Your conservatory should be a comfortable getaway from all of life's worries. To make the most of your snug paradise, you need to ensure the flooring you choose is up to the task all year round, be it in the blazing heat of the summer, or the damp cold of mid-winter. From easy-to-clean laminate to hard-wearing vinyl, here we'll look at all the options open to you and help you find the perfect conservatory flooring for your home.

How to choose conservatory flooring

Whether you've got a brand-new conservatory or looking to refresh a tired looking floor, there are a few variables you need to consider before you choose your favourite design. Yes, you want it to look as beautiful as possible, but take into consideration where your room is, how much sunlight it will capture and the year-round temperature changes.

Conservatories are usually found in areas that are exposed to a lot of sun throughout the day and, as a result, can cause some issues for your floor, such as bleaching due to extended exposure to UV rays. It can also result in large fluctuations in temperature, becoming a stunning sunroom in the summer, or cold and frosty in the winter.

The close proximity to a garden can also mean both mud and water finds its way inside. Finally, consider whether or not you either have, or want, underfloor heating installed. With all this in mind, let's have a look at some options available to you.

Benefits of laminate in a conservatory

Our Audacity and Aqualock ranges are both water-resistant, making them perfect for a conservatory that may attract moisture. Both ranges are also compatible with water underfloor heating systems, keeping your toes a bit toastier in the colder months. Keep in mind though that if your laminate is laid over concrete then this can increase your chances of attracting moisture and may eventually lift in places.

Laminate is a durable, cost-effective flooring for conservatories and will work in most instances. Easy to clean, if you accidentally track mud into your room it can be washed without any issues. Some ranges can also be UV resistant, ensuring that your style lasts longer in the unforgiving heat of the sun. Keep in mind that laminate flooring will expand and shrink due to moisture and temperature, and in a sun-licked conservatory that will change drastically throughout the year.


Is vinyl flooring suitable for a conservatory?

Vinyl flooring is a great option when looking for a new floor in your conservatory. Vinyl has a strong resistance against both temperature and moisture, so expansion is minimal. It also won't lift and warp like real wood flooring can.

Vinyl is both hard-wearing and easy to clean, making it perfect for an entryway from the garden. All our vinyl flooring is AC3 - AC5 rated, ensuring it'll stand up to the strains of everyday life, all while being budget friendly.

Rigid core vinyl is easily the best option for any conservatory. As well as the standard benefits that come with vinyl flooring, the limestone core helps keep the floor even sturdier. It can also withstand surface temperatures of up to 60 °C and is compatible with underfloor heating systems up to 27 °C.



Can you use real wood flooring in a conservatory?

Solid wood or engineered wood flooring is not suitable for a conservatory as wood tends to swell and shrink due to varied temperatures and exposure to moisture. This will cause your flooring to warp, lift and crack throughout the year.

Real wood can also bleach through high UV exposure. It can be treated to help mitigate this, but it's not a recommended option if you want your conservatory floor to stay looking its best. Because of this, solid and engineered wood is best saved for a relaxing and rustic living room or dining room instead.

Where to buy conservatory flooring

If you're looking to buy a new rigid core floor that you can put down and not have to worry or are looking for a budget-friendly laminate option, here at UK Flooring Direct we have a wide range of styles and choices that can be comfortably installed into your conservatory.

If you'd like a little extra advice or help choosing, our friendly team of Flooring Experts are just a quick phone call away on 02476 012 840.

How to install conservatory flooring

If you're looking to tackle your new project yourself, our easy-to-fit DIY floors are perfect. Thanks to an intuitive quick click installation system for both laminate and vinyl, whether you're a keen DIYer or a first-time trier, you should have no trouble. Check out our How To Install Vinyl Flooring and How To Install Laminate Flooring guides for more information, and a step-by-step guide, if you require them.