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What's the best home office flooring?

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Your home office is a centre of productivity in your life, meaning you need the room to exhibit style and function that generates this and that starts with your floor. From elegant and easy-care laminate to versatile and durable luxury vinyl, we'll help you pick the perfect floor for your home office needs.

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How to choose home office flooring

First consider your direct needs in your home office and how the floor can facilitate those - what are your practical needs and stylish preferences? Are you wanting to avoid underfoot noise through the day? Do you only have a small space that needs to feel as big as possible?

Be sure to ask yourself these questions at every stage so you are never in doubt with your choice

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What home office flooring is most durable?

If the durability and longevity of your floor is your biggest priority, then both laminate and vinyl have got plenty to offer you. The AC rating of a floor will inform you of its durability - AC5, for example, is suitable for commercial settings, so will be tough enough for the domestic setting of your office. Life, our brand of rigid core vinyl, is especially hardwearing with its rigid limestone core and scratch-resistant wear layer making it a great practical choice with plenty of stylish finishes including wood and stone effects.

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Laminate is more than viable and can still offer plenty in the way of comfort if you use the appropriate underlay, which will also help to mitigate the noise associated with a laminate flooring.


How do I choose between my favourites?

Even if you've found a floor that ticks all your boxes on paper, you might be on the fence with how it will feel underfoot or look in your room. That's why we offer free large samples so you can get your top three picks in hand before you buy to make up your mind. 

How much does home office flooring cost?

While measuring your room to determine how much flooring you'll need will have the biggest effect on your budget there are other factors, such as the need for and type of underlay you're using, that can affect your final cost. There are plenty of budget friendly options in both vinyl and laminate, and our clearance range is home to a whole host of great value flooring.

Where to buy home office flooring

With hundreds of floors available on our website you can easily find your ideal floor from home and get expert advice from our team through our LiveChat, or by calling us on 02476 012 840.

What home office flooring is easiest to install?

Our range of Easy DIY flooring has plenty of laminate and vinyl options that feature easy to fit click systems. These are simple enough for even amateur DIYers to fit themselves.

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We recommend seeking a professional if you choose a glue down vinyl flooring - the adhesive required is best in experienced hands though the upside is its firm fixing to the subfloor gives enhanced durability.


How to install home office flooring

While luxury glue down vinyl is best left to experienced DIYers and professional fitters, our entire range of laminate and luxury click vinyl floors are suitable for even the most amateur installers to fit themselves.

If you are interested in turning your hand to some DIY flooring, we have handy How To guides on installing laminate flooring and click vinyl flooring you can read.

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How to protect your home office flooring

As with any other room you can reduce the impact furniture has on your floor in the long term by applying protective pads to the feet of any chairs and tables you have. Investing in rubber casters for your office chair can help, as can a protective mat to cover the area your chair travels over.

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The best thing you can do long term to protect your floor is to invest in the proper aftercare products and clean it regularly. All our floors have a recommended maintenance guide you can easily read and download from their product page, so you'll always know the right way to keep your floor looking its best.

What home office flooring is easiest to maintain?

Both laminate and vinyl are renowned for their easy to care for nature, but the nuance of their diversion may affect your choice based on your lifestyle needs.

Luxury vinyl flooring, and especially rigid core vinyl, need only to be regularly swept, dusted, and vacuumed to keep them looking their best. Vinyl is generally water-resistant so tea or coffee spills can be quickly cleaned up with no lasting damage done. If more stubborn dirt manages to sneak into your office, a damp mop can scrub it clean. Just be sure to never use an abrasive scourer as this can cause surface damage.

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Laminate flooring is similarly low maintenance to vinyl with day-to-day care, but often simple and easily made mistakes can lead to problems later on. 

We have plenty of flooring inspiration to help you find the look that matches your working mood. With plenty of flooring to choose from, you'll never struggle to create the perfect office space in your home.