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How To Maintain Lacquered Flooring
July 1st, 2020

Lacquer effectively sits on top of the wood surface; it is applied to protect your floor and often provides a shine, though matte lacquer is also an option.

In order to keep your lacquered wood floor looking its best, it’s important to keep on top of it with regular cleaning and maintenance. With the right care, your lacquered floor will stay looking as new.

Read on for our expert guide on how to correctly care for your lacquered flooring over time.

Is lacquered flooring scratch-resistant?

Although lacquered floors are low maintenance, they’re more prone to scratching. If your lacquered floor becomes heavily scratched over time, it’s handy to know it can be revived by re-sanding the whole floor and re-finishing it, so you can keep your floor looking its best for longer.

Is lacquered flooring stain-resistant?

Lacquered wood flooring performs better against stains in comparison to oiled wood flooring. This is because a lacquer finish acts as a barrier to provide lasting protection against stains and spillages. So, if they’re wiped up quickly, they won’t seep into the body of your floor.

Which cleaning products are safe to use with lacquered flooring?

The Woca Lacquer Maintenance Kit is safe to use on all types of lacquered flooring. It contains everything you could need to clean and protect your floor.

Featuring Master Care, an easy-to-use treatment that can bring life back to your floor if it's starting to look a little tired and in need of a refresh. Whilst also working to smooth out small scratches and provide effective wear protection, the treatment has low build-up so it can be used whenever needed.

What rooms are suitable for lacquered flooring?

Lacquered flooring is suitable for many rooms in your home, in particular, in a room where you anticipate either high or heavy footfall. Also, where you want a gloss or high gloss finish to complement your interior design.

This finish is designed to resist the hostility of a demanding kitchen, a high traffic hallway and the daily wear and tear of a busy living room.

Whatever you need for your home, we have a floor to fit your needs.

Make sure to refer to your floor’s specific Maintenance Guides which can be easily found and downloaded from the product page underneath the specifications!