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Getting ready for Christmas doesn’t just mean present shopping and ordering the turkey. Whether you’re throwing a party for friends and neighbours or putting up hordes of relatives, you’re probably looking at your home with a critical eye, wondering about the best way to get it ship-shape in time for the festive season.

While decorations and fairy lights will add colour and sparkle, if your eyes are still drawn to those damaged floorboards or that shabby-looking carpet, it might be time to think about a Christmas present to yourself: a brand-new floor.

There’s plenty of time to get your new floor from UK Flooring Direct sorted in time for Christmas and most can be easily fitted.

Three great flooring ideas for you to try out this Christmas

From cold to cosy

Your living room could go from cold to cosy almost overnight if you choose engineered wood boards in a warming golden oak tone, with a lively grain that’s instantly inviting. This Home Choice Engineered Honey Piccolo Oak floor is one of our top sellers.

Blissful bathroom

That bathroom that’s seen better days could be given a guest-worthy makeover in hours with authentic looking, water-resistant laminate flooring in a weathered brown. The floor featured in this bathroom is Aqualock 8mm Stable Oak.

Kitted out kitchen

Imagine your kitchen totally transformed with Spectra Light Grey Stone Tile Luxury Vinyl Flooring. Not only does it have the wow factor but it’s waterproof and a breeze to clean, so that you don’t need to worry about spills and splashes from the Christmas feast.

Does transforming your home for Christmas with a new floor sound expensive and a lot of work?

Well, it doesn’t need to be. Over the past few years, engineered wood, laminate and luxury vinyl flooring have become popular choices thanks to a natural appearance, hardwearing nature and ease of installation, even on a limited budget. Here are a few other reasons why updating your flooring is a good idea:

Cleaner air and less allergies

Carpets act as a magnet for allergens such as dust mites and mould spores. By swapping carpets for wood or laminate you should see an improvement in air quality in your home.

Increase property value

A new wood floor can increase the value of your property according to 80% of estate agents in a recent survey carried out by the National Wood Floor Association.

Easier to clean and maintain

By upgrading from carpet to engineered wood, laminate or luxury vinyl flooring you’ll save time on cleaning and there’ll be no more need for stain removal treatments.