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Get The Look - Antique Chic
July 1st, 2020

Dare to dip your toe in today’s interiors market and you’ll be blinded by a swathe of clean and clinical lines; an endless pursuit of ‘contemporary’ is the way to achieve new design credence, so we’re told.

We’re guilty of over-indulging in this ourselves, the Inspiration Centre covering more than its fair share of marble, metallic and even polished concrete surfaces in recent months, keeping us relevant but arguably neglecting other more long-standing trends and design ideals.

It’s time we returned to tradition, and what better way to do this than with the beautiful roomset shown above. This was produced to showcase UK Flooring Direct’s ‘Crown Langholm Castlerock’ carpet, portraying a style that we shall dub ‘Antique Chic’.

The concept of Antique Chic centres around nostalgia and jogging memories, promoting worn, rustic pieces that celebrate the quaint and quirky. These items certainly wouldn’t pass muster in your typical fresh setting, but in an odd way this only adds to the appeal.

We often forget that homes are to be lived in. We don't live in museums or fine art galleries, so why do we insist on making modern homes so cold? Homely touches should be embraced, not dispensed with, so join us below as we explore Antique Chic at its heart-warming best.

1) ARMCHAIR Discover an armchair that screams Antique Chic and you’ve found your room’s centrepiece. You can build your entire scheme around a high quality item such as this, but this doesn’t mean to say the item must be expensive. Visit your nearest antiques fair to uncover hidden gems; just because others don’t see the potential in a piece of furniture, doesn’t mean it’s redundant.

2) CUSHION Cushions and fabrics are part and parcel of any Antique Chic look worth its salt. These would be instantly banished from a contemporary setting (comfort is irrelevant), so be thankful that you’ve opted for a more informal slant on style. Kimberley Dawn is our one-stop shop for vintage cushions; they specialise in florals like the ones found in our roomset.

3/4) FURNITURE An area that will be dictated by the room in question. If in the bedroom, where storage is an absolute must to avoid clutter, side boards, wardrobes and drawers may all be required. Don’t be afraid to mix and match here. Antique Chic is about blending alternate styles and surfaces, rather than opting for lazy furniture sets with little or no character. Again, vintage fairs could trump the high street, but visit Rose and Grey if inspiration is found wanting.

5) PAINT There are numerous paint retailers for you to explore depending on budgets, but we’re suckers for Farrow & Ball and the sheer quality their finishes possess. For the white, try All White over Wimborne for a slightly less clinical feel, while Parma Gray (despite its name) reads as a cool blue. Feel free to blend colours as you see fit, but in general pastel subtlety will work well for schemes of this type.

6) CARPET don’t underestimate the power flooring can have over a scheme. Antique Chic doesn’t mean tatty carpet will do, so assess whether it’s time for an overdue revamp. Of course, UK Flooring Direct holds a number of rustic wood decors that would fit in equal measure, but to replicate the carpet showcased head to the Crown Langholm collection and its ‘Castlerock’ colourway, this beauty guaranteeing luxurious texture and enduring quality.