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Hints & Tips - Dark Flooring Guide
July 1st, 2020

Our Hints & Tips assist in your search for the perfect floor, from aesthetics to installation, materials to accessories. This time, kick back as we guide you through flooring shades at the darker end of the colour spectrum, bringing rich, earthy tones to your living spaces.

Darker tones can look great when installed in the right surroundings. Commonly associated with more traditional properties, these floors can be used in a range of settings if the rest of the room is styled in accordance.

Many homeowners are tempted by lighter offerings, even when it comes to wood looks, with the belief that these will make for an airier interior. However, darker shades should not be reserved for vast areas alone, in fact, we believe that the contrast of a dark floor with lighter painted walls can extenuate the look of the flooring space.

It should also be remembered that our British summertime is notoriously short-lived, hence a darker, warmer underfoot option again comes into play. Light interiors can be great when the sun is shining, but in our climate, these could end up being too cool in certain periods. The

darker variants will also act to hide dirt and scuff marks, a handy credential in busy family homes!

Dark floors offer great scope for contrast. At The Inspiration Centre, we are always talking about balance, so why not take the plunge and go for dark flooring with lighter accent furniture to offset? These could be used to escape a gloomier end ambiance, something to be avoided at all costs.

So, what is on offer from UK Flooring Direct at the darker end of the spectrum? You’ll be glad to hear these shades are covered in both the solid and engineered wood ranges, two of the latter found in our showcase shots above: Liquorice and Espresso Piccolo, from Home Choice. Combine your choice of decor with a plank dimension to suit, and your design scheme edges nearer completion.

If you seek a less costly alternative to wood that still looks great, then a laminate could be the choice for you. Available in multiple decors, Series Woods is UK Flooring Direct’s stylish laminate offering, a collection that has been refined over the past few years to include modern and traditional dark wood looks such as American Walnut above. Simple to maintain, Series Woods introduces the aesthetic we are after, but at an unbeatable price point.

Why not visit our samples page and discover what dark flooring from UK Flooring Direct could do for your home?