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Hints & Tips - Flooring Preparation
July 1st, 2020

Installation is just around the corner, but what to do next? Getting this stage right will undoubtedly save you time and money down the line, so read on and make sure you are ready for fitting to take place.

To begin with, let us look at flooring measurement, an often rushed stage of the installation process yet a hugely important one nonetheless. Getting measurement right is crucial as making a mistake here could result in you running out of flooring, incurring you extra costs and frustrating times delays. Equally you could end up with too much, so either way a few extra minutes could save you money.

If the area you are looking to cover is a simple square or rectangle, then there shouldn’t be a problem. The issue comes when a series of these need to be calculated in conjunction, so draw some plans and don’t rush things.

You will want some leeway in terms of the amount of material you are working with. We recommend allowing 10% extra for wastage as it is difficult to predict exact requirements, especially when boards are being cut to fit complicated areas.

For optimum results, we advocate use of a professional installer with recognised qualifications. Having said this, many of UK Flooring Direct’s floors are suitable for homeowner installation thanks to their simple click together joints.

If you have purchased a wooden floor option, make sure to acclimatise it for the suggested length of time to ensure it is adjusted to its new environment. Furthermore, a suitable underlay should be used (check out our Flooring Accessories guide), and it is worth looking into subfloor preparation.

Preparation is key so take your time and ensure you are fully set up when the time comes to install!