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How to make your unfinished floor your own
June 1st, 2021

How to make your unfinished floor your own

Real wood flooring can be chosen with different types of finishes, the main 3 being lacquered, oiled and unfinished. Whilst lacquered and oiled real wood floors are of course unique due to their nature, neither give you the complete individuality that unfinished offers.

Real wood is a classic, timeless investment for your home, bursting with versatility, durability and natural beauty. Whether your interior décor is rustic, modern, or traditional, you can finish your real wood floor perfectly to match your aesthetic. You’ve heard of a statement wall, now it’s time for the statement floor.

What is unfinished real wood?

Unfinished real wood still needs a finish, such as a stain or varnish, to be applied in order to be protected. This opens up the realms of possibilities for those who would love to add a personal touch to their flooring. You’ve got the choice to match it to other furniture in your home, or perhaps experiment with something new.

Once the floor is installed, a selection of finishes and colour stains can be applied, offering you the ultimate in flexibility and individuality. Whilst this can take a little more time, the finished results are more than worth it.

As this type of floor can be completely tailored, you can take the opportunity to match your floor to other elements in your space, such as your furniture, accent colours or even your wallpaper for an inclusive interior. More and more people are decorating their homes and taking greater interest in their space around them, so it’s not surprising that putting your own touch to your flooring will be increasingly popular.

Can you paint unfinished real wood floor?

Yes, as well as using colour stains you can also opt for any paint colour you wish. If you’re trying to create a cosy atmosphere in your bedroom or living room for example, you could use the same paint colour on your wooden floor that you have done on your walls, and create your very own cocoon. Or perhaps you’d like to achieve the ultimate contrast with a monochromatic theme, that too would create an impressive statement.

Enjoy complete individuality with your unfinished real wood, whether you fancy painting each board the same colour, or you’d prefer to mix it up and alternate between a handful of complementary shades, the choice is completely up to you. If you’re feeling especially creative, try your hand at some patterns, whether that be chequered or trellis.

Do you need to seal your unfinished floor?

Yes, always remember once you’re happy with your floor’s new design, it must be sealed in order to achieve the finished look and keep it protected, otherwise it will likely stain, mark, and get easily water damaged. Make sure your floor is not stepped on or left for any period of time without a finish applied, after all you don’t want to spoil your wonderful creation!

Feeling inspired to recreate some of these looks in your own home? We’d love to see them, don’t forget to share your room transformations by tagging us over on Instagram @uk_flooring_direct.