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Top Trends for Autumn
August 1st, 2021

Top Trends for Autumn

A lot of the current interior trends for autumn are based around mixing tones, introducing comforting neutral colour schemes, bringing nature indoors, and combining a retro style with a contemporary twist.

We’ve rounded up the top must-have interior trends for autumn so you’re always one step ahead. Discover which trend will work best for you and your style.

Moody interiors

Dark and moody interiors work to achieve a serene balance of design and comfort in your home. The moody trend works well in any room to create an aspirational feeling that spreads throughout the home by using different tones throughout.

This gradual shift to darker, more dramatic colours has been creeping in over the past year. It’s all about pushing your colour boundaries and being a little more daring with your choices, perhaps opting for a rich navy or a deep jewelled red for your walls. The beauty of these colours is they do all the talking and instantly bring with them an insurgence of drama and interest.

If you’re already happy with the colour of your walls or your furniture, you can always switch up your flooring with darker statement real wood, or a vibrantly patterned vinyl that adds a beautiful contrasting colour.

Don't be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, as you’ll never know what you’re missing, and you may just end up with one of your favourite room transformations.

Comforting neutrals

Nurture rest and relaxation this autumn with neutral colour schemes that offer the perfect backdrops for any colour palette. It’s easy to see why this trend is being used and loved in homes up and down the country. The beauty of opting for a neutral colour palette is that you can constantly switch it up as your style evolves or even as the seasons change.

Warm neutral tones such as oak and walnut bring with them a lovely, fuzzy feeling that’s perfect for the autumn months ahead. Think homey, dark nights around the log burner cosying up in your favourite blanket – that’s the feeling that comforting neutrals can inject into your home.

This autumnal trend also has similarities to the ever-so-popular Cottagecore trend. Easily recognisable for its love of all things homely, minimalist, and quintessentially British, this trend has been coined ‘grandma-chic’ and the two trends together sound like the perfect way to cosy up your home this season.

If this is up your street, you’ll be pleased to know we offer a very wide selection of neutral coloured flooring. From warming honey tones to cooling grey tones we’ve got a match for every interior style.

Back to nature and incorporating Biophilic design

Why not take it back to nature this autumn? By enhancing the use of natural materials, upcycling, and promoting sustainability in your home you’re not only on-trend, but more importantly, you will encourage positive wellbeing. For more on this, be sure to check out our How to Create a Wellbeing Sanctuary blog.

Set to be one of the most valuable interior trends in recent years, Biophilic design harnesses our evolutionary need to be at one with nature. How can you incorporate this into your home may you ask? Well, it’s all about maximising your natural light, with mirrored furniture that bounces that light around the room, as well as using light coloured floors to open up your space. It can also be incorporated with the use of naturally sourced materials, such as wicker, rattan, and bamboo in some of your furniture and accessory choices. The use of natural colour schemes and a good amount of greenery equally work to bring the outdoors in.

Alternatively, you could opt for natural coloured floors. These are intrinsically linked to an instant sense of calmness and tranquillity. As, when it comes to setting a relaxing mood, nothing quite hits the mark like natural flooring. Bring balance into your home with the beauty of real wood, or, if you’re looking for a more practical option, then versatile laminate might be your perfect match.


The Grandmillennial trend beautifully marries a new but old style. It celebrates retro designs repurposed for a contemporary setting in a way you’re going to swoon over. This design trend is easily transferrable into your home, think traditional furnishings, blue and white ceramics, and pleated lampshades. Essentially this trend is all about pulling on your nostalgic strings and incorporating a traditional, retro twist in your home.

Patterned vinyl flooring is a fantastic way to bring a touch of retro-inspired design into your home. From beautiful Boho tile effect that simultaneously adds an on-trend antique yet modern look to any area, to trendy Trellis tile effect that incorporates colour and character into your room of choice.

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