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Trending - Camo Chic
July 1st, 2020

As spring/summer collections are launched across the continent, it’s time to merge the worlds of fashion and home design with a look for the new season.

Alexander Wang, the esteemed Californian fashion designer, embraced the camo look in 2016, which got us to thinking: why not apply it to our cushions and chairs, our walls and fabrics? Camo, or ‘Camo Chic’ as we’re dubbing it, has been big for years, just not in interiors. It’s time this changed!

The basis for any good design scheme is found in its walls. Choose your favourite camo tone, either a muted green or trendy grey, and the first step in your latest design adventure has begun. When dealing with greens, err on the side of a pesto or an olive, rather than an apple, which you can layer to your heart’s content, in true camo fashion.

While we’re on the subject of paint, remember to test samples in various lights and on various walls, to get the fullest appreciation. We’ve heard our fair share of disaster stories – don’t let this be you!

Break up darker tones with white or cream tiles, creating a feature wall effect. These should not be reserved for kitchens and bathrooms, in fact they can add extra design interest to bedroom settings with their neutral and uplifting nature, bringing the best out of any existing colour.

When camo is mentioned, our natural thoughts are of playful khaki patterns. However, this is design on a very sophisticated level, and the room sets in our mood board demonstrate this craft and guile. You are creating something very grown-up, a den that would look suave even in the coolest of loft apartments.

The biggest barrier to Camo Chic's success relates to temperature: this look is undoubtedly cool, but there’s a danger it can feel cold (particularly in winter) if executed poorly. You won’t regret applying a rug for extra warmth, a lifesaver when departing the shower and having to cross chilly wood or laminate boards.

Don’t narrow your search to just greens but also greys and blacks, search for something subtle that will work with your walls and floors, and cover as much or as little space as you require.

An alternative look perhaps, but Camo Chic has rightly gathered pace on Pinterest and respective platforms in the early stages of 2016. Echoing pared-back, industrial vibes, Camo Chic is set to be one of the year’s most talked-about trends.