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Trending – Harbour Home
April 1st, 2021

We’re in love with the Harbour Home trend that sees a resurgence of the classic nautical theme. It’s the modern approach to colour and style that helps the minimalist mindset of this trend bring buckets of character to a room. With only a few key colour statements needed, it's easy to see why this style is catching people hook, line, and sinker.

Get the flooring ship-shape

Start at the heart of this sea of calm with a bold blue carpet that brings with it a sense of sophistication and opulence. Navy blue is a particularly powerful choice with plenty of historical and cultural resonance. It should be no surprise that a shade named for the Royal Navy evokes vibes of bravery, honour, and stability with its colour, and equally unsurprising so many people want that in their home.

Picking a soothing blue for your floor, such as our Home Choice Cardigan Bay Carpet, is what will bring the room together – the strong colour anchors the room around it, creating a central feature for your guests to drink in when they enter the room.

Keep the colour going

A carpet with this rich tone pairs beautifully with the lighter interiors and accessories favoured in a nautically themed room. This bright colour still has a part to play but needs more neutral shades to best complement it. There is room for a little extra splash of blue so long as it matches the shade of the floor. Curtains, cushions, and more can make great little accents if used sparingly.

Walls and accessories

For the rest of the room, it’s all about neutral tones and light. Whites, creams, greys with softer tones, and anything else of that like will all complement the theme well, lending it that contemporary edge that makes the trend so must-have. Using muted and monotone colours for the walls gives you scope to apply brighter tones to your furniture, marrying all the colours to accentuate the calming vibe of the carpet. Be sure to read more about how to use monotone colours in your home.

From there accessorising is easy. The colours we want to pepper through the room are easy to shop for anywhere you go, which means you won’t have to compromise when decorating your room to keep the trend intact. This lends to the resurgence and popularity of this style – you don’t need to go fishing for bargains to make this work!

Add a twist

Rattan effect and wicker furnishings can add a little something extra when leaning into the harbour theme and are particularly great for adding a little bit of rustic to the modern. For a beach-inspired look, you could try pairing the carpet colour with more natural wooden pieces, such as for a bookcase or coffee table. We’ve got plenty of top tips on how to use wooden textures in your home. Use white on the walls and flashes of yellow to accessorise.

If you’re looking for something even bolder, contrast blue with orange tones around your windows, in your wall art, and any other space for styling you can find. Lampshades are also great for achieving this. If you want to grab attention, then this is a fantastic way to make a statement. Whether you're setting out to create a bustling centre of activity in your house or a calm port in a storm, it’s clear this is a trend with sea legs!