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Trending – Nomadic Discovery
June 1st, 2021

Trending - Nomadic Discovery

Inspired by wanderlust travel, the Nomadic Discovery trend brings bohemian influences and effortlessly combines them with the tranquillity and calm of a Bali beach. With its emphasis on cool neutral tones and soft furniture, you can easily bring this into your home too.

In search of colour

Beginning with a light wood or wood-effect floor, such as this Series Woods Mist Oak laminate, you can bring a sense of space to even the smallest of rooms. The muted grey hue of this particular floor creates a contemporary yet incredibly versatile base to build the rest of your room around. The soft and subdued grain gives this floor a clean and modern appearance that naturally harmonises with this trend.

Finding the furniture

For the ideal furniture, look for light wood, wicker, jute, or rattan. These materials add a homemade touch that is a large part of the nomadic side of this trend. Often easy to find, pieces are highly versatile and won’t quickly go out of style.

Monochrome light shades, frames, mirrors, or side tables can be added to create a contrast against the softness of other elements within the room. Just be careful to do this sparingly so as not to detract from the openness created so far.

When searching for accessories and soft furnishings, look for light-coloured accents made of natural materials, with minimal textured patterns. Anything using wicker or rattan is made for this trend and will balance perfectly with any of the other colours in your room. Bringing in some greenery will further enhance the nomad vibe – bamboo and other non-flowering plants are simple, often unassuming, and will work particularly well.

The personal touch

Finally, don’t forget to add the most important part of this puzzle: your mementoes from global adventures to faraway lands. A nomad is defined as “a person who travels from place to place, a wanderer” so the more souvenirs you add, the better. Anything handmade will further enrich your room with nomadic wonder and create a space that is as serene as it will be memorable.

Some parting words

What matters the most when realising this trend in your own home is letting your personal travels and adventures influence the intricacies of your design choices. Picking flooring and furnishings that evoke memories of a great escape will make the finished room feel truly unique, which is what makes this trend special.