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Flooring inspiration
Trending – Soft Industrial
June 1st, 2021

From its beginning in the early 20th century with the conversion of disused factories to much-needed homes, the industrial style saw an accidental surge in popularity. Retaining original features of a time gone by and embracing raw materials, from exposed brickwork to bare metal, the history and heritage of these buildings remained. Wide, often open plan, spaces with large windows, industrial design is truly a creature of the environment it first came from.

In recent decades, this style has been softened and adapted for use in new-builds and office spaces. The raw and natural still influence this style but the introduction and layering of more luxurious fabrics and soft furnishings add a comforting side to this already cosy aesthetic.

Floor with a core

Re-creating this trend in your home is easier than you may initially think. First, start with a base to build the rest of your room around: our Life Misty Grey Luxury Rigid Core Click Vinyl floor. These large, light grey tiles work well in any size room to ensure a clean, natural-looking finish that’s refined just the right amount for an industrial theme.

With this trend, it’s all about natural surfaces so this stone-effect floor will give you the look you’re after without the need to compromise on ease of maintenance or durability. No matter which room you’re making over, this floor will work in all of them – being 100% waterproof and able to withstand surface temperatures up to 60oC.

Industrious interior

Colour-wise, greys, white, and black should be your go-to. The introduction of darker coloured window frames has been strongly linked to this style, but you can also pull these colours through the accessories you add. Walls should be left naturally exposed. If that’s not possible, faux brickwork can be added in the form of wallpaper or adhesive wall tiles.

Softening the approach

When it comes to accessories and furnishings to create the soft side of this trend, opt for plenty of plant life and layers of natural fabrics with minimal dye. Black and white photography and artwork around the walls, Edison style light fixtures, and black powder-coated metals will add the finishing touches.

Whether you're making over a mid-century Victorian terrace, breathing life into a new build, or transforming a former factory yourself, the Soft Industrial trend has more than proven its longevity, and that doesn’t look set to change any time soon. Share your makeovers with us on our social media and use #UKFlooringDirect for your chance to be featured in our next brochure.