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Trending - Summer Energy
July 1st, 2020

We’ve all been there. You’re on an overseas trip to a quaint coastal town, then all of a sudden, the brightest, most garish paint colour you could imagine dons what should be the cutest seafront property going. At first glance, you’d think the sun had gone to the homeowner’s head.

But this got us to thinking, why shouldn’t property design be fun? Have we become too serious, too conventional when it comes to our homes? This week we’re pushing vibrant orange and neon pink, electric hues that have the power to lift an entire scheme, and your mood!

Sure, some of the shades in our mood board can be considered ‘clashy’, but that’s not the main focus as we become more liberal with our application of colour. In adding summer energy we’re all about being brave, putting smiles on faces through a bold and unconventional palette.

Daring orange and pink are the colours we’re pushing, complementing tones that help bring the summer sun into your home.

Pink, in its lighter forms, can be considered a tad feminine, but add a little extra warmth to the pink palette and the end result is bags of passion and fun. We saw the emergence of pink and grey last year, but this time the hue is let off the leash with audacious consequences.

With its sister tone, orange, we have a colour symbolising activity, appetite, and socialisation. That’s what the good folks at Houzz have to say, anyway. They also reckon this is the most controversial colour in the spectrum, but he who dares…

Add accent colours to offset your bolder tones, perhaps mint green skirting to frame your feature walls, and the look starts to come together.

Paint tends to be the main driver when introducing colour, but there are ways to introduce simmering orange and pink without donning the overalls.

Try a colourful runner for a statement addition to your stairway, or perhaps your curtains are where attention is required. Heavy dust gatherers could completely undermine the look so strive for something lighter in material and shade.

Big colour is the order of the day as we look to drag our homes from the winter doldrums. Be brave, be cheeky, and above all else embrace the energy your newfound scheme possesses. We had a great time compiling our mood board, and that’s what interior design should be all about.

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