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Why You Should Choose Rigid Core Vinyl

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Combining everything that makes luxury vinyl flooring so great with even more benefits born from a unique build, rigid core vinyl flooring brings one-of-a-kind designs, complete waterproofing, and resilient construction that's an ideal option for bathroom, kitchens, and conservatories. But have you considered where else in your home could profit from this type of flooring?

If you want to dive even deeper on this fantastic floor, we have everything you need to know about rigid core vinyl. In this guide we'll figure out what you need from your new floor and why rigid core vinyl could be the option you've been searching for.

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I need a floor that's quick and easy to install

With its DIY-friendly click system, rigid core vinyl is a great choice for anybody looking for an Easy DIY floor they can fit themselves. This easy-to-install click system and clean joins require no prior DIY experience, adhesives, nor an extensive toolkit meaning installation could not be simpler. And the benefits do not stop there.

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Rigid core vinyl, as with other vinyl floors, laminate, and real wood, needs to be acclimatised before installation to avoid warping and deforming once fitted. That process only takes up to 12 hours with rigid core vinyl, whereas other floors can need up to seven days, meaning you can start fitting it even sooner. Be sure to learn how to acclimatise your flooring properly before you try to fit it.


I need a floor that's got different décor options

There's lots to love about the look of more common floors, such as carpets and the timeless herringbone pattern of real wood and wood-effect floors. Having a different look to your floor is really special though and with rigid core vinyl's unique printed décor layers you not only get the best of wood-effect flooring, you can enjoy wonderfully modern stone-effect and even elegant marble-effect floors.

Rigid core vinyl boards can come in classic plank proportions, stylish tile sizes, and even herringbone as well. This means you can get the best look to match your style and with easy installation options thanks to the click-fitting system.

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I need a floor suitable for pets and busy homes

If your home sees a lot of traffic, you will want a floor durable enough to handle it. Constructed with a stable and tough 70% limestone core, our Life Rigid Core Vinyl is more than up to the task and has the AC5 Commercial rating to prove it, with other brands of rigid core vinyl still coming in at a sturdy AC4 Heavy Domestic.


Part of what makes these floors so durable is the tough, scratch-resistant top layer that, as well as providing texture to the board, will offer protection against the claws of your four-legged friends. As well as that they are 100% waterproof to protect from any pet accidents, making them a shoo-in when you're picking the perfect pet-proof floor.

I need a floor that's easy to care for

Rigid core vinyl is an excellent choice if this sounds like you. Thanks to its tough wear layer that protects against day-to-day dirt you will only need to sweep and mop up most stains. A low maintenance floor like this is ideal for busy homes that do not have time for something that needs regular maintenance.

Our rigid core vinyl is also 100% waterproof, making it the perfect bastion to defend against the spills and splashes of everyday life, and a great choice if you're looking for bathroom or kitchen flooring.

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I need a floor that's suitable for a conservatory or a sunroom

When picking out the best floor for a conservatory or sunroom you will need to consider the practicalities of such a space, but you will still want something beautiful to make it special. Rigid core vinyl fulfils the latter with its versatile range of printed décor, including wood and stone effects, and it fulfils the former too.


Not only is it able to withstand surface temperatures of up to 60 °C, easily possible for any room surrounded by sun and glass, but its highly durable 70% limestone core has the stability to prevent any warping the UV rays may try and inflict upon it.

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With its outstanding range of benefits and seemingly limitless style options, the sheer versatility of rigid core vinyl speaks for itself. Ready to tackle many a problem area your home may hold, this floor could be set to change your day-to-day life in ways you might never have even thought of before.