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How To Acheive The Perfect Finish
July 1st, 2020

How to Provide the Perfect Finish to Your New Flooring

You can choose the perfect floor for a room, but unless you couple it with the right accessories, it can look unfinished and incomplete. Whether you’re wanting to include door junctions or add the best threshold profile, the flooring accessory terminology can be a little overwhelming. If you’re a little lost as to what each accessory is and what they’re used for, check out our guide below and give your room the ideal finishing touches.


All flooring requires an expansion gap when fitted and scotia is a decorative moulding that’s used to cover this gap below skirting boards. If you’re tackling a larger DIY project and fitting the flooring yourself, including scotia in your plans can make life a lot simpler.

Door Profiles

When installing flooring between rooms, you may want to provide definitive breaks between them. Door profiles help provide that threshold, allowing you to create a separation, for example between your living room and a connected dining room. With several different door profiles available, you’ll need to ensure you have the right one to suit your chosen floors. Below are some examples of door profiles we have available and their use:

Laminate door profile – As the name suggests, this connects two pieces of laminate together and can be used to transition to floors of different height, between 6mm and 20mm. Our laminate door profiles are available in two different wood colours.

Single edge door profiles – These allow the transition between a single carpet and either vinyl or laminate flooring. Available in both chrome and simbrass gold, this door profile can suit any style.

Z edge door profiles – Like with the single edge door profiles, these allow the transition between a single carpet and another style flooring, although this can neatly accommodate thicker floors such as hard wood, rigid core vinyl or tiles up to 10mm. Our Z edge door profiles are available in both chrome and simbrass gold.

Dual edge door profiles – These allow for a tidy transition between two carpets. They work to keep the edge of the carpets neat and prevent unwanted movement. Dual edge door profiles are also available in both chrome and simbrass gold.

Carpet cover door strips – Our carpet cover door strips act as an alternative way of providing a transition between two types of carpets. These are wider, providing a more striking profile. Unlike the dual edge door profiles, these do not come with gripper spikes so will have to be installed in conjunction with gripper rods.

Carpet to wood profile – If you’d much prefer a wooden transition between your carpets and hardwood then we do have an oak version available to you. Suitable for most lighter hard wood shades, these profiles will help maintain a rustic look.

Hardwood T profile – If you need to transition between two different types of hardwood flooring then this is the profile for you. It can help provide a neat adjustment between two hardwood floors of different heights and will help cover any expansion gaps you need to leave. Our hardwood T profiles are available in a range of colours that’ll help match.

Stair Nosing

Stair nosing provides a clean, colour matched continuation of your flooring, ensuring it flows throughout your entire staircase. Stair nosing provides an attractive finish to your stairs by covering the exposed edges and softening them up. Stair nosing is a safety requirement but it also enhances the durability of the stair tread and floor covering by minimising excessive wear patterns. Still trying to decide on your stair flooring? Read our guide on what makes the perfect flooring for stairs.

Ramp Profiles

Ramp profiles are useful for adjusting wood flooring down to its original height. If you have solid wood or engineered wood floor joining a vinyl or laminate floor, a ramp profile provides the ideal transition to keep the room flowing and softens the end of the wooden floor.

End Profiles

If your room includes a fireplace or leads onto a set of patio doors or French doors, you’ll also need to leave an expansion gap here. An end profile helps to provide a clean finish while also allowing the floor to expand naturally.


Skirting boards, also known as baseboards, add a decorative touch to interior walls. They cover the connection between the wall and floor while also providing a decorative touch to your room. Skirting also protects your walls against any kicks and scuffs. Keep skirting a natural wood colour or add your spin on things and include a splash of colour. Skirting can also be painted if you choose to refresh your room’s colour scheme later on.

Gripper rods

Gripper rods, also known as gripper strips are a must use item when installing carpets as they’ll help prevent any new carpet from moving or shifting in position once laid to ensure a clean and tidy finish around the edge of your floor. Our gripper rods are suitable for both wooden and concrete sub floors.