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Why You Should Choose Sheet Vinyl
July 1st, 2021

Sheet vinyl flooring is a popular choice for many as an affordable and simple way to bring a floor with fantastic designs, resilience, and water-resistance into the home. It’s a great option for bathrooms and kitchens, but have you thought about where else in your home could benefit from a floor like this?

We have everything you need to know about sheet vinyl if you want to dive even deeper. With this guide we’ll help you narrow down what it is you need from your floor and why you should choose sheet vinyl for your home. .

I need a floor that’s easy to install

Sheet vinyl is quite possibly the simplest of floors to install and a perfect confidence builder for novice DIYers. Everyone likes the idea of finding flooring they can fit themselves and we have a range of Easy DIY floors available to novice fitters, but might be intimidated not knowing how to install their dream floor.

Sheet vinyl flooring can be easily secured to the floor with a spray adhesive in any instance of installation. However in low-traffic rooms you have the even simpler option of fitting using the loose-lay method – this can be done up to a certain m2 depending on the floor, starting at 12m2 with our Orion range and up to 24m2 with our Aquarius range.

I need a budget-friendly floor to match my style

Saving money without compromising on appearances can be considered the holy grail for those searching for a new floor. Sheet vinyl flooring is made from synthetic materials, like its PVC plastic core, making it more affordable to purchase. And being artificial in nature means there is no shortage of styles, colours, and patterns to choose from.

The printed décor layer provides an authentic design for the floor that can come in a range of styles – elegant real wood appearance of planks, sophisticated and modern look of tiles, and the unique and quirky designs of a patterned look.

I need a floor that’s easy to care for

Sheet vinyl is an excellent choice if this sounds like you. It’s a great easy to care for option for any home thanks to its protective wear layer, needing only basic sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming. Having a low maintenance floor that needs only basic care can be a priority for busy homes that do not have the time for the regular maintenance needed for floors such as real wood.

Our sheet vinyl is all water-resistant, able to withstand the spills and splashes that come with everyday life, and our Aquarius and Pegasus ranges are additionally resistant to stains thanks to their polyurethane (PU) coating.

I need a floor that’s child-friendly and pet-friendly

If your house is a home to little ones or furry friends, then you will want a floor that is not only suitable for them to play on but equipped to survive that playtime unscathed. Water-resistant and with the PU coating of certain ranges, sheet vinyl flooring is perfectly equipped to deal with any spills or stains children may create, as well as any unfortunate accidents your pets may have.

Sheet vinyl is also a great pick for a playroom or a nursery with child-friendly slip resistance and an acoustic rating that will help muffle the sounds of playtime for the rest of your house.

I need a floor that has plenty of comfort

A comfortable floor is one that is forgiving underfoot and offers warmth with every step. With a sumptuous minimum of 2.5mm thickness you’ll find that Vitality, our brand of sheet vinyl, feels great underfoot, especially our foam-backed Columba range that gives extra cushioning on joints.

The felt backing used in our other ranges will promote warmth in your floor. Our sheet vinyl is also compatible with underfloor heating systems up to 27°C, meaning they can offer just as much warmth and comfort that you often only find in carpets.

With such versatility it’s easy to see why you should choose sheet vinyl flooring – not only to help with a variety of problem areas you may have, but also to reap the many benefits to enjoy anywhere in your home.